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After two days of almost solid rain, I was able to get out again this morning, and back up into the Quantock hills. Some of the narrower lanes are covered in wet leaves but I took it carefully, and there was no drama. The Forza did need a good wash though when I got home.


Been to NEC MC Live and seen a new Forza 125 for 2017 Keyless ignition no more... — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

Been to NEC MC Live and seen a new Forza 125 for 2017. Keyless ignition, no more Matt white with Matt blue colour. Instead it'll be a gloss silver with matt blue and new taller wing mirrors are an improvement. Albeit feeling a little bit more cheaper made than before. Allegedly updated rear suspension but I couldn't see much obvious and bloke I spoke to knew nothing about it. Price likely will be £100-£200 more than a current outgoing model but it was an assumption by same bloke.

Sorry but I forgot to take pictures. NEC can be a bit overwhelming so I tend to get scattered in those sort of situations.


Photos from Nick Whetstone's post — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

We had a lovely sunny morning here, although it is now dark and gloomy again this afternoon. I took the opportunity to ride into the Quantocks. I thought that the Autumnal foliage would have been gone by now, but it was still a very picturesque journey.

I had to go very slowly on the narrower lanes that were damp, leafy, and in some parts quite muddy. Even so, I felt the rear end go on several occasions! I'll check the video next, and see if that is worth putting up on You Tube.


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Hey guys, quick question.

I have recently installed on my forza tucano leg cover, tucano muffs and givi v40 top box.

Top speed dropped down from 75-76mph to 70mph. Do you think that it's because of these 3 new features or something else is wrong ?



Has anybody fitted Oxford heated grips themselves the scooter ones If so how... — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

Has anybody fitted Oxford heated grips themselves? (the scooter ones) If so how difficult is it to wire them up? My local Honda dealer won't fit them for me even though they sell them as they say they are no good for the scoots battery so will only fit the genuine Honda ones which are obviously a lot more cash. Any help would be appreciated


Photos from Nick Whetstone's post — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

The forecast was quite good for this morning, so I decided to take a ride down to Dunster, and film the journey from there, through Blue Anchor, to Watchet. However, when I reached Dunster, I realised that I had not taken the two spare batteries with me, so had to make do with a a few stills.

On the way back here up the twisty A39, I was surprised by the speed of an articulated lorry that I (and a row of cars) had trouble keeping pace with.

Nice to be out and about on the Forza though - a round trip of 67 miles.


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Hey guys, hope you are all well.

So my service at Chiswick Honda was a good experience. Great customer service. Had to leave the bike there for few days and they give me another forza as courtesy bike for free :)

Two bearings at the transmission had failed and we're changed under warranty and they said they had adjusted the valve clearenace from 0.25 to 0.10 or the other way around don't really know. I think there might be an issue with it but not sure. When on low speed and revs like 10mph engine sounds strange but haven't been doing that before. Also the bike has a slightly higher fuel consumption it the same driving style ? is it possible this to be due to cold weather or ?

I want to check something.

Would you be so kind to tell me what's your rpm's on the bike when:

-on but still (mine is 1800-2000)

-when on but give it just a bit of gas

-when riding at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 mph on a flat surface.

Thank you.


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Fitted these today, really pleased with them, probably not as hot as Oxford hot hands but will do the job. Only downside the cable to the battery pack is not long enough to go in glove compartment, but it does fit snugly behind the windshield. Battery should last 4 hours on low setting, or I can plug it into the 12volt, will give a better review once the cold weather draws in