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Let me tell you a story. About 6 years ago I was heading to work 6 in the morning winter time on my 400 majesty when it suddenly slid all the way out to the left then all the way out to the right then settled down to a lock to lock tank slapper I had just hit 100 yards of ice on the A5 cmk. I started out at 60 mph time I was straight again I was doing 40 I didn't come off. The funny thing was when it first kicked out I let out with the old yee haa! Rebel yell , its the most alive I felt in 30 years I was 56 at the time. It just shows you never know what's round the corner.


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My flu is going at last, and it was brighter this morning although the temperature had fallen to 6C so I scooted over to Cheddar to take some pictures. The light was a bit contrasty but I got a few shots as I walked up through the gorge.

On the way down, a car pulled up along side me, and the lady inside asked if I was "an official". I replied that I wasn't, and asked her why she asked. She told me that there was an abandoned scooter at the top of the gorge, and she wanted to report it to somebody. She went on her way to phone 101 when she got home.

Anyway, I got back to the scooter, and decided to take a look at the abandoned scooter before I headed back here. The pictures show what I found, but don't ask me any questions, I am as bewildered as you. ;-)


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I went to Glastonbury this morning, wishing that I hadn't 'togged up'! When I arrived there I could smell something scorching, but as they were doing something in the road nearby, assumed that was the source. However, I smelled it again after moving on to near the Tor.

I rode back carefully, although the Forza appeared to be running normally. I stopped off at a mate who has over 50 years of repairing motorbikes, and asked him what he thought may be the problem. But by the time we got out to look at the scooter, the smell was gone. He checked the brakes etc but couldn't find anything amiss.

On getting home, I could smell the same smell, and it appeared to come from the exhaust pipe area. Thankfully, after giving the scooter and exhaust pipe a good clean, and running the engine for 5 minutes, the smell seems to have gone. I hope that it was nothing more than something that I picked up (on the exhaust) riding across the Levels (peat?)


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What a (nice) change in the weather. I went for a cycle ride this morning, and was a bit drowsy after lunch, but did hear Sid calling me to say that it was his turn. So I went for a quick spin to Uphill (about 10 miles from here) for some photo therapy. It was well worth the ride! Without the Forza, I would not have bothered. ;-)


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Morning Peeps ,

My Forza has covered 700 miles and ive notice on cold morning (like today) on 1st pull away a clonk is heard from the transmission. Its like the weights are clonking out.

Only happens on cold mornings , and just 1st pull off but every morning since its got cold.

Is this normal ?


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Hey guys.

What helmet cameras are you using if any ?

I used drift stealth 2 until it fold down from the helmet and lost it (mounting broke).

Any reviews / suggestions will be much appreciated.



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I can see why heated grips/gloves are popular! I managed to get down to the Quantocks this afternoon using my winter gloves with some thin Thinsulate inner gloves inside them. But after I had stopped and started a few times, and removed all gloves to take pictures, my fingers never really recovered until I got home again.

Other than that, I was quite cosy on the Forza for a couple of hours, in a temperature of around four degrees (centigrade).

The biggest problem this afternoon was riding south into the sun. In some places, I couldn't see anything in front of me which was a nightmare in some of those narrow lanes. All good experience though!


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I've been up on the Quantocks again today, and followed a tiny lane from high up, down a steep hill. The road had water gushing down both sides, and in the middle was a long line of debris, presumably washed there by the water. In some places, the road was covered in a slimey layer of wet mud, and not surprisingly, the standard Forza tyres gave way quite easily. I guess those tyres are designed for town use. Other than the tyre issue, the handling is pretty good in those circumstances.

On the way home, I came across my first flashing blue light, and was pleased that I could hear it coming from some way off, despite the ear plugs.

And I was glad to get back here for a hot soup after over two hours out riding around.


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Decided to give the Forza a day off today from the usual 50mile round trip commute and give the Blackbird a run out... wasnt long before I started to miss the Forza. Find riding the big bore bike quite a chore these days, with feeling the need to contantly check the mirrors for mr plod with the slightest twist on the throttle launching one into byebye licence mode. Despite all that extra power it still took the usual 40 minutes but cost much more in fuel and arrived in the office no were near as relaxed a usual. After 30 + years of motorcycling I never imagined I would prefer to ride a 125 scooter but alas it has happened..


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I am a bit cynical about dealers that's why I do my own service. After a service I had the front brake caliper fell off on the way home another time they smashed the engine cases I had to scrap the bike another time I rang to check how they were doing and they hadn't even ordered the belt yet they forgot what it was in for. It was a scooter they didn't give a shit! And with this bike they did the first service but didn't reset the oil light or mark up the service book in fact after a while I checked the oil to see if it had been done oh yes it had they chewed the head of the drain bolt so badly I need a new one! You can see why I do my own service. Rant over.