• Since it s a 4cyl. Do I have to run premium fuel. Always did in my shadow — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

    Since it's a 4cyl. Do I have to run premium fuel.......Always did in my shadow


    Apparently 75 and 80 mph top out issue is a common problem the gl1200 have — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

    Apparently 75 and 80 mph top out issue is a common problem the gl1200 have .......Been told to sync the carbs and a whole mess of other things to check......Not really liking the idea of ripping into my only mode of transportation on a hunch ........I've read through countless forums and not really narrowing it down.....It was a Harley shop trade in.....And it SAT for a while,and when they got room on the floor,they gave it a run through and they ended up taking the carbs off and doing some work.....So I'm kinda lost from there....... Any ideas


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    Picked my 1200 interstate up yesterday. Been in a shed for 8 years so is going to take a bit of sorting. Plan is to get all the mechanical side sorted and give it a good clean. looks presentable enough for this year so not so worried about that. Pleased with it and can't wait to get it on the road.


    Okay guys I have a question I was out riding the motorcycle today and stuck in... — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

    Okay guys I have a question I was out riding the motorcycle today and stuck in 3rd gear didn't want to up shift or down shift and clutch felt pretty sloppy but I bled the clutch and then I ended up parking it in the garage cuz it wouldn't let me down shift at all I ran it in 3rd gear and finally got where to go up in overdrive but didn't want to chance it this is on a 84 Honda Goldwing 1200 aspencade


    I don t have a goldwing yet but it s something I am really looking into — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

    I don't have a goldwing yet but it's something I am really looking into. I don't have huge amounts of time to get out, with running my own business, so when I do I like to put the miles in and maybe a few days camping. The closest I have come to a full on touring bike was my fj1200, loaded with panniers etc. I did put in an 800 mile day (long day/night and long story) and got off it pain free (more than can be said for my Triumph Trophy). Anyway, always wanted to try a goldwing and hope it will have the same level of comfort as my fj had. I am having a look at some 1200's, both have been stood for a while. What do I need to look out for apart from the usual bike things ? Cheers..


    Ok so did the spring maintenance on my 87 Interstate Changed oil and now have... — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

    Ok, so did the spring maintenance on my 87 Interstate. Changed oil and now have the filter leaking like a sieve. It was a K&N that I bought last year.

    First time with cartridge filter, did I miss something??? Replaced the O rings where they were supposed to go. But they didn't seen right. Possible the filter kit was crap?


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    Charleston ,WV

    For sale or trade. HAS BEEN IN A FLOOD . This 1200 was rebuilt a couple of years ago , New timing belt, front forks rebuilt , new rear shock seals ,we bought a couple parts bikes and used the best of the pieces. The bike was at camp last summer and the river rose and tore down the garage it was in, the bike was turned upside down and moved about 30 feet. I HAVE NOT TRIED TO START IT, Make offer.


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    Alright family I had been toying with getting rid of my Goldwing but I just can't do it. I have NEVER even ridden it yet. I think I have let a few peoples comments about the older styling punk me out LOL. anyways my problem is I need a rebuild kit for the rear brake caliper. Can you guys make a suggestion where one would find this kit at? This is the only one I found so far https://www.amazon.com/Supply- Brake-Caliper-Rebuild-32-1159/ dp/B001KO2OIQ.... Thanks in advance


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    I have put this out here before but I don't remember where, But I will try again. I have (2) GL1200 Aspencade's and I was wondering about some of the things I have been told about going to the "darkside" for 1200's.

    I have been told that some can put car tires on theses bikes, but then I have heard you "can't" and then I have been told that the rims have to be treated before putting the car tire on. Now this is what I am wondering about this treatment on the rims. where do I go to get this treatment done if I decide going over. I was under the asumsion that these bike rims could just be put on like normal. I also need to know if it is good to go then I need to know what car tire works best on our 1200's.

    But if not I need to know what is fact and what is fiction. Thanks for your help.


    1986 Honda Goldwing Aspencade — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

    I am reluctantly selling my 1986 Honda Goldwing Aspencade. This bike has new pulse generators, newer battery, newer Perelli Route tires (less than 3000 miles), extra lights (front and rear), satellite radio, AM/FM radio with cassette (cassette doesn't work), front and rear speakers, Magellan GPS, cup holders, phone holder, driver's backrest. All together this bike is probably 85-90%. About 58k miles on bike. I also have a new set of timing belts for it, 4 repair manuals, Full Face helmet with Bluetooth, 2 half helmets, saddlebag liners and bike cover. High book on this bike is $2730. Asking $2200. Have clear title in hand. Call or text at 505-360-5063. Located in Huntley, IL. Do not contact me about sending me a cashier's check and having someone else pick it up. Cash only, face to face.


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    I need to ask a few question because I have been thinking so I better do this right. as you can see in the pictures I have this trailer and I want to make it into something nice to pull behind one of the bikes. This trailer is being used as a hauler for the 2 bikes I have. The bed is 8X4 from the inside, It also has leaf springs instead of a set of shocks. And I am changing the tires out for thin ones so I can be on the highway. But first I need to find out some specification for this project.

    !. How much weight can a normal 1200 pull including I am shooting with 2 passengers.

    2. What is the best material I should use for this project

    3. I know that most states have a requirement that trailer are under a certain weight before I fall into a different category as for as the tags are concern.

    4. Am I leaving something out on this project

    Since this is the first one I am doing. I need to know if there is anything else I might be leaving out. Thanks for your input.


    Inquiring Mind NEED To Know — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

    ****************** Inquiring Mind "NEED" To Know ********************

    I know I might regret asking this but after asking about car tire on our GL1200 and being told it was not a great ideal, I would like to know if anyone has put a CT on their 1200 and what did you have too do to get the rims to work and ride safely, I have been told ( not saying anyone is lying, just trying to get all the information I can) that they won't fit on the rims and the integrity of the rim is not the best for CT( car tires). If this is true then my butt is not getting in that situation, 2 accident are enough to last me the rest of my life time !!! Thanks for y'all honesty!!!


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    Ive got a nice 1986 Honda Aspencade runs and rides great everything works like it should fresh tuneup and all carburetors where completely rebuilt with master rebuild kit amfm radio cb and intercom also all factory detune stuff has been removed and if anyone is interested in it 3500 clean Indiana title. Also I have a shit ton of extra parts and a 1985 interstate that ran good but carbs needed rebuilt started taking it apart


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    Hello Everyone,

    I need to find out something on this 85', to see if I have a different ave. to save these lights. I was able to get ahold of the original owner I think I am going to be the 2nd or 3rd owner. He told me as of 3 years ago it was running fine, but someone add some extra lights and the stator could not handle it, it would not keep a charge, So what I am needing to find out, am I "screwed" (so to speak) and the lights have to come off. I am wondering if it isn't the way these extra lights are wired crappy and if I get someone to wire it to the switches that are mounted above the master cylinder, if this would make it work right, I guess the curb lights are OEM and the fog lights or am I wrong and they are OEM TOO, and the rear bar are the extra's he was talking about.. Thanks for y'all advise


    Hey folks — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

    Hey folks,

    I'm currently starting to put together a tent trailer build for my LTD. I've never had the chance to look at other trailers to see what they have for suspension on them. If anyone has any pictures they could share with me it would be much appreciated!


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    So a Goldwing was not in my head when we decided to do a cheap bike challenge. From Phoenix buying bikes for no more than $1000 and riding to California and back. I have had many bikes in the past and before this one still have six mainly Triumph 1050's and Kawasaki KLR 650's. So getting a Goldwing was totally new to me. I have a lot of thoughts about it and also some worries that you might be able to help me with.

    Its a 1986 Aspencade with 101k on it. Everything works although i haven't figured out the cb radio but not really necessary. I am sure it isn't in the best of conditions but apart from the seat and the right foot board being broken everything else is goodish.

    So my initial thoughts... its very very heavy but ok when you get out the parking lot. Its a blast riding along with the stereo blasting and i could ride all day which is nice compared to some of the more racy bikes i have had.

    So to some concerns. Minor, the screen at night is not as clear as i would like. I guess this is just age?

    The shaft drive clunks a bit when you let the clutch out in first. Is this at all normal or as i suspect it has been abused and needs work. So the question is having changed the gear oil will it do anything dangerous or will i have advanced warning? I cannot fix it for this challenge.

    The cam belts are unknown as to their age etc. i have found some receipts but nothing about the belts. I think i can change them and it looks like you dont get any warning before they go. Any advice would be helpful.

    Tires. The front is ok, the back is almost gone. Is the bike supposed to be scary on lines and grooves in the road? Usually this would be tires but since it is such a big bike i was wondering if it was just something i have to get used to.

    Otherwise i am pleasantly surprised at how much i like it and i really think i could even buy a newer one in the future. Got to get this trip sorted first.

    If anyone is in Phoenix, it would be good to hear from you. Thanks


    Was able to get out for a 40 minute ride today Fuel stabilizer in the tank... — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

    Was able to get out for a 40 minute ride today. Fuel stabilizer in the tank, topped up with fresh fuel. Nice to get out and get it up to operating temperature. Dry roads, 40 degrees! :-) Fort Erie, ON, Canada. Snow all but gone for now :-) Who knows what next week will bring.

    Before the ride, bike sat for about a month, when I started today, got a little bit of smoke (that appeared to look like exhaust) come up from left side. Looked for exhaust leak, got down there and smoke smelled electrical. Immediately shut down. Let sit for a few minutes and started again. No smoke and ran fine the whole time. Read on one thread that it could be brush dust burning in starter. Any ideas group? Wire connection to starter tight and was not hot.


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    ****************** Inquiring Minds Need To Know ***********************

    Hello Everyone,

    I am I need of some advise on which is a better way to go on this issue, I have been looking at seat covers that they advertise on eBay for our big bikes, compare to a interior up holstering company. These covers are a fraction of the cost of what these company charges the one I went to since they have done other work for a 82' GL1100 Aspencade for about $150, Now they want $250 for the seat alone and another $90 for the back rest but not the arm rest so I would have close to $500 just for a dang seat that was not going to be that comfortable after a certain amount of distance, and that is where the problem lies. I came to you guys a few months ago about this very problem and y'all told me to look for gel pads and sheep fur, I did and it is working but only after a certain amount of distance (about 100 miles) then I get to the point I can't get off the bike or muchless walk after I do get off. I had "total" hip replacement a few years ago 2008-2010 and it get to the point I get cramps after a few hours of riding. So I thought of looking for a seat bike enough for just myself (make the bike a one seater, like a motor cop and Harley Davidson the older models), But I am confused on how to do this. So this is why I am coming to those who are living our lives riding and working on our types of motorcycle we love, So please can y'all give me a direction to go in saving my BUTT !!!!! Thanks for your help before I know y'all can point me in another direction that will work !!!! God Bless Y'all Here are the 84' and 85 GL 1200 I am talking about. Y'all have a safe New YEAR !!!


    I have an 84 GL1200 STD 26k miles Been off the road and in storage since 96... — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

    I have an '84 GL1200 STD, 26k miles. Been off the road and in storage since '96 last started in '06. Stator, voltage reg, clutch, timing belts and tires were replaced right before it was stored and have about 200 miles on them. Bike was parked due to a back injury and I could not ride it any longer. Currently does not run, with a battery and carb clean in it should fire up. Great to restore or for parts. Asking $1000.00 obo. Clear title located in NJ.( the windshield seen in the pic is gone)


    I was wondering if there is a vendor who might make seats for our bikes that is... — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

    I was wondering if there is a vendor who might make seats for our bikes that is for single risers. I am wondering about doing some changes on mine and make it a single raider bikes so I can do what the HD do especially like the police bikes that way I can be more comfortable when I ride. I was just curious. I have a 84 and a 85 GL1200 Aspencade. Thanks for the input


    I was thinking about this when I saw this add about a radio bezel for 1200 s — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

    I was thinking about this when I saw this add about a radio bezel for 1200's. I was wondering if their is a CD/AM/FM radio out there that is compatible with these bikes and it will allow all of the part will still work, intercom and mb3 player. If so can someone give me a route to find it. Yeah, I can go put any kind of player that will fit and play but I want to be able to still use the intercom with it. thanks


    Thanks for the ad New to Wings old to wrenching Bought this 1200 LTD with a... — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

    Thanks for the ad! New to Wings, old to wrenching... Bought this 1200 LTD with a few gremlins in it in July, just worked the last one out tonight (fingers crossed) before it goes away for our Saskatchewan winter which is supposed to arrive tomorrow. If anyone has any questions on the fuel injection 1200's don't hesitate to ask!


    I have an 86 gl aspencade SE I limited edition and it will run if I get jumped... — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

    I have an 86 gl aspencade SE-I limited edition and it will run if I get jumped off as long as I take off at a high rate of speed but if I stop or slow down it dies... is there a chance that it's the battery instead of the stator or am I looking at it probably being the stator also, if it is the stator does anyone know how/where to find the alternator conversion kit?