• Honda pilot complete plastics

    I have a set of pilot plastics pics show condition

    Never painted not great shape but not terrible

    I also have 2.0 air shocks?

    And a complete long travel front end on the fl350. I plan to sell all the parts. Make offer.i know the front end is brand new and costed 2500 at the time. Rear shocks I don't have a price on. Make offers or give advice. Chassis is ok but I don't know if I will ever build it

    • looks like its getting packed in the uhaul

    • What brand is the a arm kit?

    • Aftershock motorsports

    • What are you asking for the a arm kit? Does it also include the steering components?

    • No steering components. Just what's in description and pics. It was 2500 bucks and is brand new still. Has 13 inches of travel . I'd like to get 1500 out of it. If the person is close I made include the chassis so I don't have to unbolt it

    • Okay thanks.

    • I'm open to offers but I'm moving in like 2 days

    • I hear ya. I have my eyes on the farr kit. Not having the steering parts scares me a little because I've heard that's the most difficult part for the conversion.

    • well it didnt come with it, you could buy it from aftershock

    • I'm going to pass but thanks

    • its all bolt on, i have the tie rods just dont have the shaft or steering wheel. it comes with the front hubs and everything

    • np

    • im holding them for a guy anyways but never hurts to take more offers

    • How much for plastics shipped to Oregon ?

    • Did you sell the long travel kit?

    • I got it still

    • Make offer

    • Are you only selling them in a set ?

    • I need the back left fender ?

    • Make offer on price

    • Pm me

    • PM me

    • Pm'ed you

    • Ok