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Man, still have her for sale. Craigslist people want it for cheap... no rush to sell but come on...I have her listed for 2,000 with intentions of selling for 1,500 and people offering 1000.00. And being rude too.


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I have a 2002 Honda Rebel 250, title in hand. This was supposed to be a project for me and my Dad to work on together, but he passed away before we could. I just don't have the time to fix it, and it breaks my heart to give it up. It was running this time last year. I think it's grounded somewhere. It has been laid down by the previous owner, and has some denying in the tank, but it's not rusted on the inside. I have all the original parts that came with it when I got it, and it will come with A LOT of new stuff I purchased for it. I have new front and rear fenders, tail lights, battery, battery cover, blinkers, rear view mirrors, and more I'm sure I've forgot to mention. It needs an oil change, new forks, maybe a good carb cleaning, and tags. I know what this bike is worth, so please don't try to lowball me. Any questions, feel free to ask. Price is negotiable. First come, first serve. No holds. Cross posted. Cash only. $1200. Thackerville Oklahoma


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OK so I'm at 505 miles now had fresh oil change on the bike when I bought it I have a few questions first how many miles do you go between oil changes second when I'm riding I'm not getting enough gas coming through the filter because the filter will never fill up and it starts spitting and sputering if I'm having to get on the gas going up hill has anyone else had this problem and if so what's the issue I'm going to be draining the tank tomorrow removing the petcock and checking that out and cleaning it to see if that is an issue


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Hey guys, what do you recommend for repair manuals? I am just looking for one for general maintenance, up keep and repairs on my 2006 Reb if something needs fixing, carbs tweaked, brake replaced when necessary etc... Not overhauling the engine or taking it out for a rebuild or anything. Also, looking for solo seat and fender recommendations for a bobber style Rebel. For me, BCB is just to darn expensive right now. What do you guys think on both subjects? Also, would like to hear how you achieved your seat and fender applications. You can message me with links and your stories if you like. Thanks so much guys..


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Got a strange one. Just been out on the bike and it lost electrical power and died. Lost dash light, indicators, tail and starter motor but headlight works. Turned ign to point 2 and all lights work and starter turns but obviously wont start on pos 2. Put it back in ign 1 and bump started it down a hill. Once started it runs fine but still have no dash lights or tail lights. I know they work aa they come on when on ign 2. Tried to video it to show. Can anyone help? Could it be a fuse somewhere or could it be water in the electrics from recent heavy rain? Has anyone had a problem like this before? Its obviously electrical


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Having trouble changing down gears on my bike. Itll click down one gear ok but doesnt return high enough to click down another gear. I have to lift the lever slightly with my foot each time i need to knock down another gear.

Its my daily commuter through town so im constantly up and down gears so its becoming a real pain.

Its been fine untill the last 2 days.

Is this something i can adjust or does something need replacing? Any help appreciated as im new to biking


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Time to add a much needed USB port on the Rebel for those times I got 100+ miles and running Waze on my phone, which kills it within 2 hours.

There is some little red wire that seems like someone ran like 50 feet of it through the bike haphazardly and is cut in a few places. I am gonna remove that too.


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I recently got this 2005 rebel with only 1800 miles. Currently it clocks in at 1900 miles. When i rode it home, i did an immediate oil change and noticed that there was barely any oil when i drained it. To put in perspective how little amount of oil was in the bike..there was probably enough oil to fill up half of a soda can..if that. Hopefully riding it home for 50+ miles with barely any oil didnt do too much damage to the engine of the bike. But i changed the oil, rode it around town and didnt have any issues, but a slightly unresponsive throttle response when i give it juice. However, when the choke is fully engaged the throttle seems very responsive. I went on the highway pushed it to 4th, 5th gear, then suddenly, the throttle was absolutely unresponsive. I would twist the throttle all the way, but the rebel was just on cruise control. The bike slowed down, i got honked at, and i almost got rear ended! I then got off the highway and the throttle was responding better and took the local streets home. What do i need to fix or replace for a smooth responsive throttle response?


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Yesterday me and the bumblebee as it has been named by the wife and daughter set out on an adventure to get some toys to a special little lady that isn't a year old yet and has had many medical problems since joining us in this world I am located in central Arkansas and rode north yesterday it went from misty weather to down right no visibility and water streaming off of everything by the time I got there a 45 minute visit with sister niece and family and we set out racing storms that brought flash flood warnings to a lot of the area I was riding through but we made it 145 miles a little over 2 gallons of gas and a busted throttle cable thankfully not the main one later we made it home and it full on rained I had to push her in the house still pretty warm I catch a lot of crap for riding a rebel but the more I work on and ride these bikes yep I got two of them I love them


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Almost finish the black paint job on the Rebel 250 Bobber project... Just get to get a bit more paint into the area of the cooling fins and it is job done..... The whole process of rebuilding the bike can then start.

UPDATED: now had all the hard to get areas in the fins sorted and now lacquered... hopefully get it back in the frame this weekend.....


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Anyone else run a bat wing fairing on their rebel? Couple modifications and I'll be able to finish the install. I'll have a parts list in the comments for everything I ordered. I suggest using the part numbers at a local shop, I was able to do everything for $300, including a battery. Online, the fairing alone is $300 let alone the $55 windshield and $45 mounting brackets. Links in the comments. SOME DRILLING/MODIFICATION REQUIRED


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Small leather saddlebags $35 or $20 for one plus shipping

Purchased and then realize they were too small for what I needed. One of the picture shows the size. Which is about a sheet of paper for each one.

Never even been out of the plastic. They are leather, and hardback.

Really cute for somebody who has a smaller bike or a scooter. As I mentioned, in excellent condition.

Located in Burlington MA

Price is for both, but if you have another use for him and you would like to separate, they are $20 for one

Cost does not include shipping


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Going to pick up a blue 09 identical to the one below, 9,000 miles and super clean. What's a decent price on them so I'll know if I'm getting a good deal. Also wondering where I could get a rear fender, gas tank, and forks like the one on bottom?


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Jack's has one 450 Rebel left over from Christmas sale. Looking for cash deal or will take a Honda 250 in on partial trade. Bike has been fully serviced, carbs rebuilt etc. Paint is good but not as nice as seen in picture. Jack @ Jacks Rebel's 407-865-4101 JUST REPOSTED AS I HAD PICTURE OF 250 BY MISTAKE


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Buen dia. Soy de Medellín y comparto el mismo gusto de ustedes por las motos. En especial las Rebel. Obtuve de manera fortuita una CMX 450 modelo 87 la cual le faltan algunas piezas pequeñas del motor. Si alguien acá en Medellín o el resto del país las tiene nos podemos comunicar. Creo que está Rebel comparte el mismo motor de las CBR 450 viejas y la línea CB 400 y 450 viejas. Agradezco si me orientan donde las puedo obtener. Básicamente necesito las 2 cadenillas con sus tensores, todos los casquetes y dos válvulas de escape con sus muelles. Les agradezco si me colaboran para no dejar morir esta icónica moto. Mi correo es Muchas gracias


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I get to completely strip and rewire my whole bike now. I suppose this is the best time to add and delete all those circuits I want now. Within the first year of having Laura, I had added switches to toggle every light. This enabled me to run with no lights on or just the ones I wanted (i.e. Rears only for purpose of the lead bike). In my back country paradise, the desire to ride through the star lit desert "stealthily" was appealing when traveling into a campsite after dark, without drawing too much attention from miles off. The required rewire is due to all the wires that run to the left hand controls rubbing I assume and loosing all the insulation. They are now just bare wires shorting to each other. I'll post photos soon. Cheers


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So I have a stock 06 Rebel I am looking to put a solo seat on. Bobber like. Does anyone know a good place to get one, or the correct parts I need to get besides BCB. They seen a little expensive.


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Does anyone have an idea on what my 1986 rebel 450 is worth? I'm throwing around the idea of selling for a newer shadow 1100. Really wanting a v-twin for the upcoming season. First owner of the bike was a war vet, rode it to town and back. Second owner never sped, just cruised mainly. Husband owns a shop so its well taken care of. I've never beat on it. Highways now and then. Oil changed every 2k miles since I've owned it. Always stored for the winter to my knowledge. I did put on saddle bags and a radio to my phone. Nothing else was done. Not sure but only 8k max miles on it. I know it hasn't topped 10k. It's in storage at the moment till the roads clear off from Salt. Thanks