Honda service plan. is it worth it. Just picked up the new Grom yesterday


Honda service it worth it? Just picked up the new Grom it!

Dobles convinced me to sign up to their 2 year service plan (which can be cancelled any time). Thinking more about it this morning it seems expensive....comes in at about £750 total (paid monthly) based on 2 years and 10000 miles (4 services).

I'd like to keep the warranty intact so no DIY servicing. Any thoughts appreciated.

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  • You'll mod it so much anyway the warranty will be void!

  • Aga Wolve

  • Where do you buy your service parts in the UK? Gaskets, crush washers etc? I just had a look at the oil change videos on YouTube.

  • Wemoto, honda dealer, ebay

  • As others have said you should only need two services in two years. £99 for the first one and slightly more for the second. I always have the first but do not pay for anymore but can totally understand those that need the dealer trust.

    Constant little checking and maintenance is far better for a bike than a dealer once a year

  • Service plans are good idea but not with dobles I have my service plan with em and all I had i trouble

  • Servicing yourself will not invalidate warranty do long as you use oem parts and retain proof of them, and concrete all service items to schedule. I had this argument with dobles when I bought my grom and they eventually tagged with me so long as you are competent at undoing bolts and you retain proof then warranty stands. I buy all my parts from doble and retain the receipt; there's going to be no arguing there.

  • This post is going to save me so much money! Can't believe it

  • Don't forget if you bought your bike brand new from Dobles you'll get vouchers offering discounts on all services.

  • You can buy a whole big bore kit for £750.

    Unless you're doing tons of stunting, and expect to blow your engine, you're wasting your money.