Sorry for the terrible video bought this off a buddy of mine two weeks ago — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

Sorry for the terrible video, bought this off a buddy of mine two weeks ago(never even rode a bike before) finally got it started today, had to take the carb off(utter pain in the ass) and threw it back on and after 2 hours of troubleshooting finally got it to start and die a few times, this was the second time it actually idled, so adjusted and took it for a spin, and of course killed it, brought it back to the car jumped it again, and went to take off this time killed it instantly, I assumed the battery had some juice and went to start it and heard like a puff, I want to say near my right leg but that could've been a misfire, and zero juice from the starter, headlights and tail light worked though, so I don't think it's the battery, I'm assuming it's the fuse. Side note(don't know if its even relevant) used to I could put it in neutral and push it fine, now it seems to click into gear when it should be in neutral(while turned off)

Keep in mind, I work on VW bugs never motorcycles, so don't hate too much :P

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    Can someone help with an issue my buddy is having with his bike — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

    Can someone help with an issue my buddy is having with his bike?

    2002 Honda Shadow 1100 Spirit.

    How are the ignition wires ran? Does the left coil run both left plugs or does it run the rear cylinder? We are chasing down an issue with it missing and bogging (already had carbs rebuilt completely). The diagrams that show the ignition system aren't clear whether the left coil goes to the left side and the right coil goes to the right side, or if the left goes to the rear cyl and the right goes to the front cyl.

    It's a used bike and we are trying to see if someone put it together wrong previously. It needs a new coil and wire to begin with because one of the coils had a corroded pin that was shorting out one wire.

    Before we took everything apart, the bike ran with the right side wires hooked up and left side off, but would not run with the left side on and right side unplugged.


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      I am starting to despise my 84 VT700 On a recent ride it would barely run... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

      I am starting to despise my 84 VT700. On a recent ride it would barely run & backfired badly stranding me. So I flushed the gas, changed the plugs, air filter, fuel filter, ran sea foam through it, new battery & did a oil change. With a lil starting fluid she fired up & ran flawlessly. I was having fun for a couple weeks until it stranded me last night doing the exact same thing except it wouldn't even stay running with the starting fluid I had in the saddle bag. I was tempted to just push it in the ditch & leave it but my son realized how disgusted I was & brought it home to me. Even if I fix it I am going to sell it because It has made me walk home twice in a month & I cant stand to look at it anymore

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        Thx for the add This is Betty Sue my second bike I ve ever owned First bike... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

        Thx for the add! This is Betty Sue, my second bike I've ever owned! First bike was 85 silverwing our kids were small my wife wanted no part of it period! But the day I bought our 2003 Honda shadow ace deluxe 750 that changed! Wife loves this bike as much as I do...this is a picture that her and my kids had made for me for Father's day years back it now hangs in our new house in my man cave! That was Betty Sue old bedroom! I'm an over the road truck driver so she is only sitting at 17,500 miles! She's got best in class and top 5 in couple local car and bike shows against Harleys! Thinking about turning her into a trike so as we get older and more time we can still keep riding her!!! Again thx!

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          It sat for 3 years untouched before I got it Well here she is from day 1 had... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

          It sat for 3 years untouched before I got it. Well here she is from day 1 had to put the rear end together when I got it home. Just showing some progress. Only had it 3-4 weeks I can't remember so far new

          1. Grease on rear shaft

          2. Ball joint grease on all fittings for rear end all the way down to the shaft splines.

 rear end oil

          4 new fuel pump

          5 new fuel filter

          6 pitcock in tank

          7. Fuel hoses throughout the whole system with clamps

          8. New plugs

          9. New coils

          10. New oil/filter

          11. Flush hydraulic line for clutch

          12. Flush front brake line

          13. top off coolant

          14. New fork seals with dust covers

          15. New fork oil

          16. And about 20hrs of my time hell it could be more.

          Now if I can get it running right I'll be happy, waiting on my money back from the new ignition module so I can buy oem and not aftermarket.

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            Finally had a nice day to take out my 84 VT700 that I had been working on all... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

            Finally had a nice day to take out my 84 VT700 that I had been working on all winter. Rode for about 20 minutes and notice it was running kind of hot, not quite in the red though, but closer than I remember my 500 running. So I went home and as soon as I stopped, the overflow tank basically puked all the antifreeze out of the tank. What am I dealing with here? Also, when I killed the engine I could hear the filler neck making a squeaking noise.

            Flush again? New thermostat? New cap? Head gasket blown?

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              Help My bike loses power when throttle opens not even half way have changed... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

              Help!! My bike loses power when throttle opens not even half way have changed plugs no differance have turned out air/fuel as much as can and worked backed from there no change plugs come out pitch black mixture way to rich but even with screws out as much as possible no change. Also front cylinder no fire on and off .......... what else can I look at battery and charging all fine fue filter pump all fine

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                Okay so my 01 Sabre seems to have issues with downshift whether the engine is... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                Okay, so my '01 Sabre seems to have issues with downshift, whether the engine is cold or warm. On decel, I squeeze the clutch lever all the way and then tap the foot shift lever to downshift like normal. The problem is that sometimes I have to hold down-pressure with my toe and slightly re-engage the clutch (release it back into the friction zone) so the transmission engages, otherwise the foot shift lever "catches" or "hangs" and I can't complete the downshift. This especially shows up when downshifting past neutral to first. Also sometimes when starting cold, I have to slightly engage the clutch when going from neutral to first, just like when I decel. (Seems to be mostly related to going from neutral to first, but I have experienced it some with all gears on decel.) Is this a possible oil issue, or maybe a clutch issue? Or is this "normal?" I admit that I don't have a lot of knowledge about wet clutches, and this is my first bike so I don't have a standard to compare to. (Edited to hopefully clarify what is happening.)

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                  I have a 07 Honda Shadow 750c2 shaft drive Lately after I have been riding... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                  I have a 07 Honda Shadow 750c2 shaft drive. Lately after I have been riding about 15 or 30 minutes it feels like my rear end is swaying side to side, mostly to the left. My spokes are tight and my tire pressure is where it is suppose to be. I took it to my motorcycle mechanic and he said it was the road. That's bull. Someone told me it could be out of alignment. My mechanic said that's impossible because it's shaft driven. I've been riding the same road for 3 years. What do you think it could be?

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                    Douglas Peralta shared his event to the group: HONDA SHADOW RIDERS GROUP. — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                    (Happens Every 2 weeks on a Wed)

                    ~~~March 30,2017(Thursday)~~~April 12,2017(Wednesday)~~~

                    Come Hang with many Motorcycle Riders and Enthusiast at the next Motorcycle Meet @ PORTILLO'S in BUENA PARK,CA. on March 30, 2017. Best turnout we had was 120+ Motorcycles of all types!! This is the best motorcycle gathering in the OC, PLEASE RESPECT THE SPOT. They are famous for their Chicago Style Hot dogs,Amazing size chili fries,beef & sausage sandwich,chicken or beef hamburgers,they also serve beer! If your new at Riding come join us and get to know the community of the riding lifestyle. Share your rides and make new friends,or bump into old friends. This is a Family Restaurant. If your Motorcycle isn't available to ride come Cage it.. Looking forward to see new faces and make new Friends.. (Look for me and I'll introduce you to some Riders)

                    If you Run a Certain motorcycle Business and like to pass out fliers or business cards feel free to bring them and share!!

                    Instead of posting Every 2 weeks, keep track of the Cover photo for the Next Event,and feel free to join my Social Group in the Event Briefing Info(Cali Riders only sorry!) I have another group for outside of California People just Inbox me

                    ANYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN!!!



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                      So I noticed this over the past few days When I cut my turn signal off the... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                      So, I noticed this over the past few days...When I cut my turn signal off the light that was flashing just stays off. Eventually it comes back on. Or I can play a game with the switch and eventually they both stay on... Does this sound like a wiring issue or a clean the switch issue? The switch is a little sticky so I'm thinking that I should start there, Motorcycle MD has a video on it and it sounds right to me.... If someone remembers his last name he's a member of this group tag him for me...

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                        Got a question guys Been working on a friends vlx 600 When he bought it it... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                        Got a question guys. Been working on a friends vlx 600. When he bought it it was missing the idle air mixture screw on the bottom of the carb. We ordered that, cleaned the carb good while it was out and reinstalled. We can't get the thing to idle at all. It's something with the slide inside the carb. If we hold it up it will idle and run like a top but as soon as we let it fall it dies. Any clues?

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                          Jeremy Goheen shared Goheen Cycles's photo to the group: HONDA SHADOW RIDERS GROUP. — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                          Getting close to a complete lock up before we year down for powder and paint on our raffle bobber. It's a 2003 shadow 750 spirit. Just needs to finish the sides on the custom rear fender then it's timer for some color!

                          Here at Goheen Cycles we have cool project underway. We are taking a very low mileage (6700 miles) 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit and turning it into a cool little custom bobber.

                          The bike will feature all of the following and then some:

                          • Custom paint work

                          • 8” Frisco Bars

                          • New Risers

                          • All new cables

                          • New mirrors

                          • New white wall tires

                          • Handmade rear fender

                          • Rear lowering struts (to make it a hard tail)

                          • Custom bobber seat

                          • Side Mount License plate with 33 Ford brake light

                          • Power coated parts include:

                          o Hand controls

                          o Fork Lowers

                          o Upper and Lower triple trees

                          o Chain Guard

                          o Fender Struts

                          • And more!!!!

                          The cool thing about the project is that instead of selling it like we do many bikes we are going to raffle this one off.

                          ONLY 100 TICKETS WILL be sold at $50 each!

                          That’s right anyone buying a ticket will have a 1 in 100 chance to win this custom bobber.

                          When the bike is complete you’ll have an opportunity on our FB page to claim which number you want, 1 through 100, which will be on a first come first served basis. Upon completion of filling all the spots you’ll have 7 days to pay for the spot via PayPal (more information to come). Once the spots are paid for we will be doing a draw live on FB.

                          The winner doesn’t have to be local to win (Springfield, Ohio) however they will be responsible for shipping expenses, but we will be happy to work with your shipper of choice to ensure your new bobber makes it safely to you its new home!

                          Follow us on FB at and visit our site at

                          If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us for more info.


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                            OK strange question I was talking with a buddy today that says I should run a... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                            OK....strange question, I was talking with a buddy today that says I should run a car tire on rear of my 95 1100 shadow, told me that is all he will run on his bike, claims to get 3 times the miles, better ride and better handling. Anyone ever try this on a shadow??? The guy who told me this rides a goldwing, I can see where it may be an improvement on a heavy bike. Just looking to see what y'alls opinion and experience is .....THANKS

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                              Leatherup. com question. I just bought a River Road Drifter leather jacket — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                     question. I just bought a River Road Drifter leather jacket. The leather and quality seemed excellent, unfortunately, the 2XL (52" chest) is too big and I am currently losing weight so it will definitely be way too big soon. They don't have XL (50" chest) anymore in stock as it was closeout. The reason I went with the River Road was because I didn't want to get in a back and forth returning sizes through leatherup. If a 2XL River Road is to big, would a 2XL LeatherUp be fine? Best guess?

                              I started worrying about sizes when I went to a store and only fit in 3XL Joe Rocket jackets (despite being a XL guy). So I tried the 2XL and I am swimming in it.

                              The nearest store I can try stuff on in is about 1.5hrs away so its kind of a pain in the ass.

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                                So yesterday I put this set up back on my 2007 Aero I had it on before but i... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                So yesterday I put this set up back on my 2007 Aero. I had it on before but i hated the noise coming from the little K&N filter i had to put in here. It just sucks like hell and I can hear it even over the sound of my v&h exhaust at full noise! Has anyone else got a similar set up but have relocated the filter somewhere where it can't be heard? Would running a pipe all the way to the bottom of the motor and having the filter down there affect it at all?

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                                  Well I finally talked to the orthopedic surgeon and he says I ll be off 2... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                  Well I finally talked to the orthopedic surgeon and he says I'll be off 2 wheels for at least 3 weeks. Shit. Alas I have time to pimp my ride. Looking for parts to fit a 2000 vt1100c Spirit. Any donated parts/accessories would be greatly appreciated and would find a great home. Mainly chasing a front fender from an Aero edition that'd fit my factory fork. Any leather saddlebags, tail bags and tool bags are welcomed, as little studding as possible, trying not to be flashy. Any front wheels that are spoke style, tubeless or other wise. Need a speedometer too, if anyone has one floating around lol. Thanks in advance guys.

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                                    Bikers Riding Season Prayer — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                    Bikers Riding Season Prayer

                                    Father as we ride, may the breeze of your angels wings protect us.

                                    Father I ask that you dispatch angels before us as we ride.

                                    Protect us Father and those we ride with and for.

                                    Father let your presence be with us as we ride through each city and down each long road we travel. Keep us safe out there to return to our loved ones.

                                    Father I ask that you keep us alert as we passed through traffic and intersections and also those we encounter.

                                    May our shiny side stay upright in Your Glory.

                                    In Jesus name


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                                      BikerJokes Happily Married — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                      #BikerJokes - Happily Married

                                      A biker wakes up on his sofa with a huge hangover. He forces himself to open his eyes; his head is pounding, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins and a glass of water on the table.

                                      He sits up and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and fresh. He looks around the room and sees that it's in perfect spotless order.

                                      He takes the aspirins, and notices a note on the table: "Honey, breakfast is on the stove, I left early to go shopping. Love you."

                                      So he goes into the kitchen. and sure enough there is a hot breakfast and the morning paper. His son is also at the table eating.

                                      "Son... what happened last night?" he asks.

                                      His son says, "Well, you came in just after 3 am, drunk and delirious, broke the table in the hall, puked in front of the bathroom door, tripped over the coffee table, and landed dead asleep on the living room floor."

                                      Confused, the biker asks his son, "So why is everything in such tip-top shape, and breakfast waiting on the table for me?"

                                      "Oh that," his son replies, "Mom dragged you up onto the sofa from the floor, and when she tried to pull your pants off, you said, "GET YOUR DAMN HANDS OFF ME LADY! I'M MARRIED"

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                                        Question for the group — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                        Question for the group.

                                        My '88 shadow 600 needs a new cdi box. EBay prices are ~$400, for a 20+ year old box, with no guarantees on how long it will last.

                                        My question is, has anyone ever upgraded to a later model wiring harness and cdi? Is it doable?

                                        I can get an '04-07 harness and box for under $200...

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                                          Bought this 09 back in February so I did not have a chance to test drive it... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                          Bought this 09 back in February so I did not have a chance to test drive it, recently installed a new front tire as the old one was original and beginning to show cracking. At low speeds like 20 to 40 mph the front end bunny hops, I think the wheel is out of true, how much would I be looking at to have it trued do yeah think? I can easily pull the wheel off myself, but I've never trued even a bicycle wheel, so I'm not too crazy about doing it myself, any input would be appreciated, thank you

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                                            Photos from Chris Cuddihy's post — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                            I have a few extras for sale all can be shipped anywhere in the world

                                            I have a screen for a honday vlx 600 / 400 / 750 all bolts mounts are included screen in fully adjustable

                                            I have a front sissy bar again for a vlx 600/400/750 adjustable width fully chromed all nuts and bolts included

                                            I have a clip on chrome radiator cover for sale will suit most models

                                            I have a back rest and carrier for the vlx 600/400 fully chromed with leather back rest again all nuts and bolts included

                                            Finally I have a set of spots with indicators attached these will fit all the Honda models look quite well they just don't fit with the style I am going with

                                            Pm me for prices and if ya want them shipped

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                                              Ok guys and girls I m having trouble with my 1996 1100 My battery died last... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                              Ok guys and girls. I'm having trouble with my 1996 1100. My battery died last week. So Sunday I put a new battery in the bike. This afternoon I rode to a buddy's house. I turn the bike off and tried to move it 20 minutes later and it wouldn't crank battery was dead. So I put the battery on the charger for 3 hours. Started right up and drove it home. But if I was on the gas my lights went very dem but as soon as it went to idle the got bright again . Any ideas?

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                                                I m 55 and I have been riding since I was 14 I call myself a biker because I... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                                I'm 55 and I have been riding since I was 14. I call myself a biker because I live by a set of rules. I give respect when it is deserved to others who ride that also live by the basic Bikers rules. We are a Brotherhood and Sisterhood that are guided by theses rules of respect . Owning a motorcycle does not make you a biker it is how you live your life. Respect is earned. Honor is shown in your attitude and actions. I don't leave a fellow biker on the side of the road, I give of myself as much as physically possible to what I feel are worthy causes, and I try hard to live the code. I'm proud to be called brother by my biker friends and I am proud to call many of them Brother or Sister. They have earned my respect and I try daily to keep there's. Because I am a Biker not just a rider or owner of a bike.

                                                I wrote the above after watching some camcorder videos of a group of riders racing around chased by the police. crashing and just leaving a bike in the street, riding as if they were stunt riders and having no respect for others. They are not Bikers they are bike owners and riders. A different class than the Brotherhood I am proud to think of myself belonging to.

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                                                  So I rode home after work Got home and hit the kill switch while in neutral... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                                  So I rode home after work. Got home and hit the kill switch while in neutral and bike was sounding like it was turning over to start. So hurried and turned it off with the key. But now the battery somehow is toast. But don't know how long the battery has been in there from previous owner. Got a new battery but at work haven't installed it yet. What could of caused it to trying to turn over? Curious. Stuck electric start button or starter relay stuck ? Any ideas. Thanks for input. Starter relay is only 3 weeks old. I've replaced it.

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                                                    I need some help I rebuilt my carb on my 97 ACE 1100 changed the front jet to a... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                                    I need some help, I rebuilt my carb on my 97' ACE 1100, changed the front jet to a 178 from the 175, rear jet remained the same at 180 and added one shim to each needle. Resonators and restrictor plates removed from the pipes, air fuel screws out 3 1/2 turns. Now... she's running pretty damn good, no popping on deceleration. 2 days ago, I ride home from work, when I shut the bike off I see gas slowly dripping from the carb. About 6 hours later, I start it up, let it get up to temp. No leak... runs fine for 2 days, get home from work this morning n carb is wet but not dripping. I had turned air fuel screws in 1/4 turn n on my way home she stuttered a little n backfired on acceleration so I turned screws back out the 1/4 turn. I just fired it up, got up to temp, let her run for about 15 minutes, NO LEAK... I'm stumped...

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                                                      Don Alcombright shared a link to the group: HONDA SHADOW RIDERS GROUP. — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                                      Anyone have any experience with PVC saddlebags?

                                                      I am thinking about getting these since my main spring/summer/fall driver will be my bike ('99 shadow ace deluxe) to and from a train station and would like some storage on it. I also don't want to spend half the amount I spent on the bike on saddlebags so I figured these might look ok.


                                                      1. Quality? decent enough for price?

                                                      2. Will they fit my bike?

                                                      3. What bracket set would I want for my bike?

                                                      4. Other recommendation in the $100 range? I have mustang seats with studs so it only makes sense to keep the look. Not a fan of hard plastic either.

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                                                        01 shadow 1100 sabre — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                                        01 shadow 1100 sabre

                                                        Cleaned carbs put new jets in a 190 and 200

                                                        Has straight pipes

                                                        K&N air filter

                                                        ? Is my max speed with 2 riders is 83 mph weight with 2 riders is abput 420 total me 275 wife 115

                                                        Has a 50 lb front fairing so added weight about 470

                                                        83 feels alow compared to my other bikes no clue on solo only rode 1 time since carb work

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                                                          I m having a bit of a bike issue I just bought a 2001 Shadow Spirit 750 about... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                                          I'm having a bit of a bike issue. I just bought a 2001 Shadow Spirit 750 about a month ago. The bike has been running just fine until the other day. I went to go somewhere and my bike died in the middle of the street. I pulled off to the side of the road and a guy helpd jump my bike with cables because it would not start. We got the bike running again but as soon as I put my seat back on, the bike died and would not start again. I pushed it home, and replace the battery that same night. I put in a size 14 S battery instead of the 12 that was in there. I want to go somewhere again today, and I'm still having similar issues. The bike was running fine for a little bit, and then all of a sudden it started sputtering and popping and having a hard time going anywhere even in low gears. I was able to start the bike up no problem, so it doesn't seem like the brand new battery is the issue, but I could be wrong. Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? Maybe bad gas from the year before that wasn't drained? Thanks in advance.

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                                                            Looking for help on recommendations for gloves boots and jackets — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                                            Looking for help on recommendations for gloves, boots and jackets.

                                                            Not looking to break the bank but do want to be safe. My typical riding will consist of 95% commuting on back roads to and from work, meaning I'll need a boot that is comfortable to walk in as well.

                                                            My commute is to a train and about 5 miles. I'll also do weekend rides but honestly have no desire at least for now to be a highway junkie so ya, Military boots would probably be fine as well. I tore my Achilles 5 years ago so I wear inserts, so not even sure if boots have decent heel support anyways (hoping they do lol).

                                                            So ya, love to know people's recommendations on boots, gloves and jackets.

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                                                              Hey guys. Cheers for the add — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                                              Hey guys! Cheers for the add...

                                                              This is my toy, I love her to bits!

                                                              Her name is Buttons & we are always ready to ride, even if it's to just get milk from the corner store! (The blue one next to her is her sister Saphira, they can be a crazy pair when unleashed! Ha ha!)

                                                              I've only been riding for the last 3-4 years but have already learned so much & gained some incredible life long friends...

                                                              #RideSafePeeps #LoveToRide

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                                                                Photos from Jacob Botelho's post — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                                                Need some help. Putting my 88 shadow 600 vlx back together.

                                                                I purchased an eBay ignition switch to replace my broken stock one. Says it fits "88-07 vlx 600"

                                                                The electrical plugs are different. Every wiring diagram I can find is using one plug.

                                                                Mine had a little plug (as shown in the black and white photo) containing a brown and brown/white wire.

                                                                Also the large plug has male pins in it.

                                                                The ignition I got from eBay. And every other ignition I can find online only has the one large plug. The pins are female on these plugs.

                                                                I can't find the correct wiring diagram for my 88 to even try and figure it out

                                                                Any advice is appreciated

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                                                                  Hey guys building a custom shadow with a 2002 750 ace front end and need some... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                                                  Hey guys, building a custom shadow with a 2002 750 ace front end and need some info. I need to extend my front forks 3-4" to lift bike. I know the 750 forks are 41mm, I have found on internet that (2001-2003) shadow 1100s have 41mm tubes. My question is are the 1100 front fork tubes any longer then factory 750 ace forks and if they are and i buy a complete pair of the 1100 forks (minus triple tree) will my 750 brakes graft over to the fork legs as it appears it wil? I already have a 19" front wheel from a larger shadow on the 750 forks. Reason I ask is the 1100 fork tubes are almost 100.00 cheaper then the extended fork tubes alone. A measure ment of a 2001-2003 shadow 1100 could help me out big time if someone cares to measure theirs and let me know how long they are.

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                                                                    Tired of your choke cable uglying up your front end Did this mod a few years... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

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                                                                      2002 Honda Shadow ACE with ape hangers — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                                                      I am looking to sell my 2002 Honda Shadow American Classic Edition (A.C.E.). It is the 750cc bike. I have had it almost 8 years, and put most of the miles on it. It has almost 42,000 miles, and still running strong. I have taken this bike on many trips, usually one or two big trips a year. Bike has never caused me trouble. Was serviced regularly, and is ready to go. Motorcycle has sissy bar, backrest for the person in the front, floorboards with forward controls, heel - toe shifter, and extra set of pegs to rest your feet and legs. Tires are in good shape, have a pair of Pirelli tires on it. Also has ape hangers with Barnett braided stainless cables on it. Has aftermarket Cobra Low Boy exhaust, with short baffles in it, sounds really good and loud. I have the original bars, cables, and longer exhaust baffles. Has leather saddlebags mounted with metal backing. Title is clean. Asking $2800, located in Ava, MO. Any questions, let me know. Thanks.

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                                                                        Anyone got experience with drilling out the plugs for the carburetor mixture... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

                                                                        Anyone got experience with drilling out the plugs for the carburetor mixture screws on a '96 VT600? Need to adjust air/fuel mixture due to deceleration backfire (aftermarket exhausts).

                                                                        Think I found the correct plug for the left side, near the throttle, but I guess I need to take off the air filter housing for the one on the right side? Saw some video's on YouTube but not for a clear indication on the screw locations for my year/model.

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