Looking for suggestions please I wear contacts and full face helmet shield... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Looking for suggestions please. I wear contacts and full face helmet shield down with sunglasses. For some reason my contacts pop out of my eyes when I ride for a while. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd rather not wear my glasses but if I have to any recommendations on good comfortable and affordable glasses? I'm considering getting sunglasses and clear glasses. Thank you

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    Got a problem. Can t solve it. So I put in led signals about a year ago — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Got a problem. Can't solve it. So I put in led signals about a year ago. Everything was working fine. A few weeks back my signals decided they wouldn't work (when signaling) they still light up when just running. Just won't flash. So I check all the connections and just bought a new turn signal relay. I put it in. It worked for like 5 seconds. Now it's back to signals not flashing. What do I do???

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      Anyone know why a 18mm socket can t seem to find anything to grip when going in... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

      Anyone know why a 18mm socket can't seem to find anything to grip when going in for a spark plug? Not even the bike's stock tool can find anything to grab. I peeked in there and barely see the spark plug but it's got like a 12mm-ish hex on it, dunno if I should turn that one or not. Note: teh googles said the 97 Shadow Spirit spark plugs are removed with 18mm. Note 2: I've never changed a spark plug in my life.

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        Today my wife and I went for a ride but as usual my wife takes the car with my... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

        Today my wife and I went for a ride, but as usual my wife takes the car with my daughter and I follow with my motorcycle. We were on the 405 some what near Issaquah and this %^&* in a Volvo black SUV didn't even check his blind spot; I know this because I was literally 2 feet from his face as he turned into my lane. I thank my father for all the years that he took me on motorcycle rides, and I learned from him by watching his moves. I was able to hit my horn and swerve out of the lane into the far left shoulder, and avoid crashing because of all the beautiful gravel that was placed right in front of me. Needless to say I showed him my feelings to him in a sign language format, so did my wife. we pulled over at the nearest exit and parked at a gas station were my wife shot out of the car in tears. according to her she said when she herd my horn and saw what position I was put in, our life together flashed before her eyes. Once again I thank my father for this, he never directly taught me how to ride , but indirectly did every day. Thanks Dad.....and I will do the same for my daughter.

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          Located in North Texas — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

          Located in North Texas.

          I have parts for the Honda Shadow 750 Phantom...

          I have:

          1. Vance and Hines Short Shots

          2. Cobra Fuel Programmer/Tuner (bike is fuel injected)

          3. Quick Detachable Windshield (Switchblade)

          4. Crash Bar

          Make offers... All of it is super clean with low mileage and I sold the bike... It all cost about $1000 new. I've got all the hardware that comes with it. I don't really want to ship but we can work something out if needed.

          I Just need this stuff out of my way.

          I will have this post up for a 1-2 weeks. So start making offers and I'll get in touch with you. Thanks.

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            Hey all sorry for the rookie question but I m totally new to all this Just... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

            Hey all, sorry for the rookie question but I'm totally new to all this! Just bought my first bike, a '99 Shadow ACE 750 Deluxe (pictured). It's currently in the shop getting looked over and making sure I don't need to pull any lemon laws haha.

            Anyways, I was looking at some universal saddlebags, and was wondering what bars I need to "hold" them up?

            The bags: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001JXCZR8/ref=cm_sw_r_c p_api_9ih1yb82A051X

            Would something like this work? Would those bags even work? I know they aren't $500 bags but they seem to get good reviews and I need something as this is going to be a daily commuter to a train station for me in Spring/Summer/Fall.

            TMS Chrome Motorcycle Steel Saddlebag Support Cruiser Bars Universal for Yamaha Honda Kawasaki Suzuki https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0096DW4C4/ref=cm_sw_r_c p_api_9jh1ybCAQN5ZA

            As a separate question, I want to replace the spark plugs, I live in Massachusetts. Anything specific I should get? I'm fine buying decent ones if it's worth it.

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              Trying to see what the previous owner did wrong in wiring my aux driving lights — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

              Trying to see what the previous owner did wrong in wiring my aux driving lights. As he explained it, he hooked them up so they would light up when using your high beams. They didn't work when I purchased the bike and I would now like to have them work with the main headlight as regular driving lights.

              Who's wired their own and what did you wire them to? I traced the wiring and it is connected to what appears to be the temperature light on my speedometer. Having seen this, I just now realised that temp light doesn't light up when I turn the key. All other lights and signals work, just not that temp light and the aux lights themselves. Being a complete noob my plan is to disconnect the aux lights from the temperature light, but where should I hook it up? Any advice would be appreciated, preferably before I accidentally set fire to my bike.

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                2002 Honda Shadow A.C.E. with ape hangers — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                I am looking to sell my 2002 Honda Shadow American Classic Edition (A.C.E.). It is the 750cc bike. I have had it almost 8 years, and put most of the miles on it. It has almost 42,000 miles, and still running strong. I have taken this bike on many trips, usually one or two big trips a year. Bike has never caused me trouble. Was serviced regularly, and is ready to go. Motorcycle has sissy bar, backrest for the person in the front, floorboards with forward controls, heel - toe shifter, and extra set of pegs to rest your feet and legs. Tires are in good shape, have a pair of Pirelli tires on it. Also has ape hangers with Barnett braided stainless cables on it. Has aftermarket Cobra Low Boy exhaust, with short baffles in it, sounds really good and loud. I have the original bars, cables, and longer exhaust baffles. Has leather saddlebags mounted with metal backing. Title is clean. Asking $2800, located in Ava, MO. Any questions, let me know. Thanks.

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                  Hi everyone I ve been riding for more than 17 years now the last 8 with the... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                  Hi everyone. I've been riding for more than 17 years now, the last 8 with the same bike, my beloved Bonnie II, a '09 Spirit 750. In all these years I can say I learned pretty well how to deal pretty much with every on-the-road situation, except one. I really struggle a lot when it comes to unpaved roads, grass, pebbly tracks and similar stuff. It's obviously not so common, but it happens, especially if I attend some rally or simply if I have to park alongside the road. I'm very lightweight, and the bike isn't, but it seems strange to be the only reason.

                  I'm open to any suggestions.

                  Ride safe, cheers.

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                    So I m looking for some customizing help I bought this 1999 VT1100C2 several... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                    So I'm looking for some customizing help. I bought this 1999 VT1100C2 several years ago. My one gripe on it is it lacks a heel toe shifter. I have not been able to source one. Does anyone have a good provider for this?

                    And it's on the lift thanks to ethanol. I think my carbs are totally blocked.

                    Thanks, and I love the group.

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                      Newbie needs advice — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                      Newbie needs advice:

                      Picture is a mock-up of a sissy bar/rack combo I'm adding. The sissy bar in the picture is a temporary stand-in until my custom bar is ready. I'm keeping the saddlebag supports and thinking of keeping the double luggage racks but when I receive my sissy bar I'm gonna either powder coat or paint it black. I'm not liking the amount of chrome on the rear end so I wanna black out some chrome hardware.

                      My question:

                      What kinda prep work do I need to do before I paint & is there any particular type of paint should I be using. I was perusing the local hardware store and saw some rust-resistant paint among various other types. I'm in the Pacific Northwest where it rains about 300 days a year so I was wondering if that rust resistant paint should be the way to go.

                      Any advice would be great.

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                        Okay guys to anyone running El Diablo apes with Krator spiked 2 risers did... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                        Okay guys, to anyone running El Diablo apes with Krator spiked 2" risers, did anyone have a problem with them seating properly? Not sure if I forgot to order something or what, but I feel like I'll strip the threads if I tighten the bolts anymore. Risers are a little wobbly and won't close completely around the bars.

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                          Photos from Harley Queen's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                          Hi. I am buying an 08 Aero and it has a Mustang Wide Vintage seat on it. Its way too big for me, I have too much space in between my back and the rear of the seat. Any suggestions on a shorter seat that sits closer to the bars. I cant use this seat I'll slide all over the place! Anyone use a Saddlemen Saddlehyde Explorer Special Seat (last pic)? I will be selling this Mustang seat/passenger and backrest too!

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                            Photos from Eddie Vanhoy's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                            Need advice. What is a fair price to ask for my bike? It is a 2006 spirit 1100 with a new seat (memory foam ) with 3500 miles. It is completely stock , drives and runs perfect. I have never sold a bike so don't know a realistic price. Comes with a new (never installed) Viking bags, XXL riding jacket with all the hard skid plates on back and joints, a black bag with 5 helmets. The only damage is shown on one of the pictures. It happened with the original owner so I don't know the story. Any advice would be appreciated.

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                              Sharing the pain — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                              Sharing the pain...

                              Been doing some prep work for when my custom sissy bar comes in. Another 2 weeks to go and I'm not a patient person. I'm trying to see if I can mount the sissy bar mount, a rack, and still keep the saddlebag mounts. So I took off the bolts on one side.... each one (3 of them) was different length & size. The other side was completely different from the left side; two bolts the same size, one bolt different from all the others. And none of them long enough to accommodate everything I'll be adding later. Local hardware store had the correct size bolts but the heads are too large for the saddlebag mounts. Ugh. I wanna punch someone. I looked online and found a "Honda" package of OEM bolts designated for atv's. The descriptions of the bolts were exactly what I'm looking for, with longer lengths included. Hallelujah! So now just waiting for the sissy bar. (See pic). That's a 10" blade on the bayonet. I'm having the guy add a metal loop in back to keep the blade removable but able to lock it in place. The bar is about 40" from end to end. I can't wait!

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                                Photos from Scott Ahlers's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                                Check out the Velocity Stack I ordered from TJ BRUTAL CUSTOMS... I usually like to make everything myself because I'm cheap and I like to waste time but this was a must have purchase!!!

                                Tommy did an amazing job on this piece and offers it for a bunch off different bikes (single and dual carb) and in a variety of finishes as well as brass. He is a one man show but still answeres your questions and will make custom stuff for your application.

                                I also got my fork seals and steering/neck bearings from him. They are made by All Balls Racing and are far superior in construction as compared to stock. Next order will be wheel bearings, another Velocity Stack for a project bike I am building for someone and his VHS Tape that "Teaches your Grandmother how to suck Eggs!) Also available in BETA format for those of you who missed the boat back in the 80's!

                                I spent countless hours wet sanding and polishing my fork tubes, carburetor and triple trees since I had everything apart... Still not done but I'm putting it back together or this thing will never see the light of day!!! I ran out of buffing wheels, 2500 grit and my Dremil finally quit (it actually caught fire and I didn't notice right away due to all the cigarette smoke)

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                                  Any wiring guru s around HUGE QUESTION 03 vt750dc Relocated the start button... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                                  Any wiring guru's around? HUGE QUESTION!! 03 vt750dc. Relocated the start button and headlight switch. Head light is wired up fine and battery is charged. I had taken the wires on the old start button for the coils and the starter motor off and moved to the new button. Spliced the wires and it would start fine. Couple days later when I had time, soldered all of it together and now it don't start. Unwrapped all the electrical tape and cut wires back apart, spliced together again without soldering, and still won't start. Checked the ign start fuse, it good. This is where it gets weird. Checked power across the main 30a fuse and got nothing. Fuse looks just fine. Checked power at one of the wires on the other side of the fuse, and got power to it. ?? Yellow and red wire coming off the main fuse goes to starter and then start button. Black and white wire goes from coils to the kill switch and to the start button. Kill switch is wired together.

                                  Why did it work just fine before I soldered the wires up, but now it won't? What am I missing? Did something get fried in the process and if so, what could it be? The bike won't even attempt to start as if the kill switch is flipped...

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                                    Looking around for options again now that I ve ordered my new ape hangers — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                                    Looking around for options again now that I've ordered my new ape hangers. Went with 12" El Diablo. Motion pro has contacted me with info on custom making the cable lengths, but was just curious if any companies offered kits or selectable lengths for apes instead of waiting on the custom cables. 02 shadow spirit 750dc.

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                                      I have a Honda 750 ace yr. 2000 — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                                      I have a Honda 750 ace yr.2000

                                      I'm having problems with it back fire

                                      And then it will stop running the battery will go dead .

                                      I put a new battery in it lasted about 4 hours do I have a charger problem. .

                                      Okay now went on a ride of about

                                      69 miles before I put a battery in it

                                      It back fired on the way home and quick running the battery went dead I had to push start it I made it another 4 miles before it died again.

                                      I called some one to come get then .

                                      And before all this about 2 weeks ago it was in the shop they told me I needed the carburetor rebuilt and some friends told me to out seafoam in it that would help it out you know the cleaning side of it .

                                      Does anyone have any idea what is going on with my bike

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                                        I left my key to on while I was taking a nap and naturally my bike died — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                                        I left my key to "on" while I was taking a nap and naturally my bike died. So I jumped it with my car and after that the turning signals don't work properly, the headlight doesn't work at all and the horn doesn't work.

                                        I checked the electric current in the "HEAD" slot of the fuse box and get nothing. Could it just be a new fuse box that I need? Turning signal slot is fine.

                                        So far I have:

                                        - changed all signal bulbs/headlight bulb

                                        - bought new fuses and swapped them

                                        - bought a new battery and installed it

                                        - checked harness connections

                                        - checked connections in handlebar controls.

                                        I also ordered a new rectifier and main fuse box/starter solenoid, but haven't gotten them yet.

                                        Any thoughts?


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                                          Hi everybody Quick question I m very very lightweight and I can t find the... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                                          Hi everybody. Quick question: I'm very, very lightweight, and I can't find the proper spring setting. I always bounce every time I ride on a road bumper (not sure if this is the name, I mean the little "hills" to slow you down near schools and similar places). I have an '09 750 Spirit. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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                                            Don Nolen shared Debbie Lynn Nolen's post to the group: Honda Shadow Spirit/Ace/Aero Riders. — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                                            FOR SALE....."NEW PRICE"...MUST GO!

                                            "CUSTOM" 2004 HONDA AERO 750..29,XXX MILES.





                                            ASKING $3,900 OR BEST OFFER (CASH TALKS).CALLS...636-668-6413

                                            LOCATED IN WINFIELD MO

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                                              Frustrated. Headlight switch is getting power. Checked it with a voltmeter — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                                              Frustrated! Headlight switch is getting power. Checked it with a voltmeter. Replaced fuse with a new one. Cleaned the starter switch again. Tried New bulb and old bulb (filiment still looks good). Cleaned headlight connections on plug.

                                              Maybe new bulb is bad??

                                              Wires at connections look good best I can tell. Looked at high/low switch and it looks good. Again, best I can tell.

                                              Any ideas before I have to take I to the shop? Im in marietta ga if someone local wants to help for a few beers:):) Thanks.

                                              Need help friends. I asked a while back about my headlight going out on my 98 ACE Tourer.

                                              I checked the fuses. All look good. May change them all anyway.

                                              I disassembled the starter switch and cleaned it.

                                              I replaced the bulb.

                                              Still no headlight. High or low. Everything else on the bike works.

                                              What can i check next? Thank you.

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                                                So I ve been trying to find reasonably priced rear lowering kits for my spirit... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                                                So I've been trying to find reasonably priced rear lowering kits for my spirit 1100, my 750 has lowering brackets on it that just reposition the rear shock mount, exactly what I want, been all over online and everyone seems to be charging 80-100 bucks. Call me cheap, but that seems like a ridiculous amount of money to pay for two brackets to me. Anyone know where I can find some for much cheaper? Or maybe some shorter rear shocks, because at this point, the only option in my budget is a pair of rigid struts a guy is selling locally for 40 bucks, which I've been holding off on doing just in case I find another option.

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                                                  Hey Shadows had a electrical glitch today Turn signals and brake lights turn... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                                                  Hey Shadows, had a electrical glitch today. Turn signals and brake lights turn on like normal. Turn on the turn signal and the front light turns off until I cancel the signal. I was also informed my brake lights don't brighten when I get on the brakes. I'm thinking it a fuse, is there anything else I should check?

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                                                    Thought it appropriate to share this since I see so many beginning riders in... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                                                    Thought it appropriate to share this since I see so many beginning riders in the group.

                                                    Always hug the outside line on blind corners and don't ride above 80% of yours and the bikes ability so you have room for error and the unexpected.

                                                    Riding hard is different than riding stupid.

                                                    Please remember to ride smart and stay safe.

                                                    Live to ride. Ride to live.

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                                                      Ok looking for some help I took the battery out of my bike and took it to get... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                                                      Ok looking for some help.... I took the battery out of my bike and took it to get it tested and they charged it for me. I got it home put it back in the bike to start the bike but it wouldn't start it wants to but I think she's too cold.

                                                      So I went to take the battery out but the screws where too hot to touch. I should say I didn't tighten everything down when I put the battery back in to test it. Any ideas?

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                                                        Photos from Matthew Pedrotty's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

                                                        (PRICE DROP) -----> $2500 <------ 2005 Shadow Aero 750 (Mileage 14,610) female owned and ridden excellent condition lowered down 2 inches New battery new tires, aftermarket exhaust custom paint comes with back seat and luggage rack. New battery new tires Clean & Clear title. $2500 can deliver up to 150 miles for FREE!! Located in Central Virginia. You will not find anything wrong with this bike!!

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