Honda VTR1000 Firestorm 1998


Honda VTR1000 Firestorm 1998

$4900 Ono

37,000 ks.

Pilot Power 2CT tyres. Soft compound on the edges for grip, harder in the middle for good wear and long life

Stuff that isn't standard.

CBR954 Front brake callipers..... they work twice as good as standard

Wave brake rotors on the front.

Braided brake lines SBS pads.... it now stops like it should!

Heavier fork springs to suit 90 kg rider. I've got the standard ones here if needed.

I've got another set of Honda pipes for it that have the baffles removed..... sound awesome but they are loud.

Its got the larger fuel tank from a 2002 model on it. We did some touring on the mainland and needed the extra range. I've got the original here as well

Ventura Rack and Bag.

Iron Man chain and sprockets... as good as you can buy.

Engine is completely standard.

Only reason for selling it is we're just not using it.

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  • nice looking bike, glws

  • price?

  • Oh sorry $4900 Ono

  • NOOOOOOOO, a blue loose

  • They must go for good money in your neck of the woods? Same bike here in ireland you'd be lucky to get 1500 euro.

  • Yer that is Aussie dollars,

  • Tidy bike Brian. A few of us were cruising around Tassie last weekend.