Hoping for a bit of help just purchased a set of Honda panniers for my 2010...


Hoping for a bit of help, just purchased a set of Honda panniers for my 2010 twin pipe model. I haven't a baldiest idea as to what rack is needed, monokey or monolock also is the GIVI make of racks compatible with Honda's own panniers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • As far as I know Mal you will need Honda racks. My Givi rack looks completely different to the Honda rack.

  • Alec is correct. I have just bought Honda panniers and had a Honda rack fitted. The givi racks are very different. Mine were fitted by Moto works in Newham Kent. Fantastic price and service, if your anywhere near Kent they are the people to call.

  • Thanks for that guys, I wasn't sure if the GIVI racks were compatible with the Honda panniers! and what's the difference between Monokey and monorack? I am in Northern Ireland, will source the racks and fit myself probably.

  • As you maybe able to see, my racks are curved round the body. Most givi racks and other are normally straight and square.

  • They look good and I will probably get mine painted black, I bought mine from ebay for £175, they are silver at minute so I think black will be ok. I see what you mean Danny re them being curved. Thanks for your pic, I like that colour.

  • No worries mate.