How about now


How about now?

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  • Bargain for that price

  • Ah you actually got them wired in I never got that far but they look good, not too dim either some leds are shit and can only be seen at night lol

  • It's a bit overcast today but definitely visible in daylight

  • Got mine wired but they are not flashing, just a constant light when indicator button is pressed. I have only the LED mirrors in front and the stock indicator bulbs in the rear. I guess I need some kind of trick to fix it? (old pic from testing)

  • If you don't have a relay yet then you need one.

  • Yepp :-)

  • Much better than only the flush mount ones! Do you need to cut any wire to install them or can you just plug them in? (If these were your only indicators)

  • You need something like this, same as any aftermarket indicators

  • I cut off the wires of the stock indicators except the ones with the white stripe (removed the pin from the connector)