• How about now

    How about now?

    I recently repainted the bags, can you tell

    • That looks good!

    • Thanks, just getting into it......its mainly stock other than the light bar and hard bags. Only thing is its pretty quiet with the stock mufflers

    • If you want it louder but don't want to spend a bunch if money on exhaust cut the baffles out with a hole saw. Some guys say to change out jets after but I've had no issues, no loss of power. Only a couple mpg is all

    • I might do this, i'm not exactly sure tho of where the air fuel screw is incase i get the case of the "pops"

    • Fortunately I didn't have to worry about that. You can find Youtube videos on it

    • I've also read that if you block the cross over it gives it a deeper sound.....have you heard of this?

    • I have not... Sounds like it would work though. I had a Honda cx500 a couple years ago. Took the balance box our and ran straight pipes. Made a Harley sound weak lol