How about the headlight wiring then. The headlight has 2 sets of 3 wires


How about the headlight wiring then? The headlight has 2 sets of 3 wires(green, blue, white). The wiring harness has one set of 3(green, blue, white) and one set of 2 wires(Brown & white).

How do you hook the 6 wires on the headlight to the 5 wires on the bike?

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  • Some are for tachometer

  • So is there supposed to be 3 seperate "2 into 1" adaptor plugs in between the headlight and the bike harnesses?

  • For the green, blue, & white wires.

  • The plug on the bike harness should have 2 spots for each color to plug in. Look closely.

  • I just looked at it. And yes maybe once upon a time it did but 1 side in each of the 3 plugs has been crushed. I'll change these plugs out in the morning.


  • Would not plugging both lights in at the same time cause an overload and blow the bulb?

    Or should it not matter?

  • Did you know the service manual has a great diagram that shows the wiring and what each wire goes to?

    In fact, if you google "Honda 350x service manual" the very first result has free service manuals you can download! As well as many other manuals for various trikes.

    The picture I included is of my wiring on my 350x, which has the lighting circuit converted to dc power for my LED light bar.

  • I had looked at the wiring diagram prior to the comment. Wasn't sure about the uncompleted circuit blowing bulbs. I'll hook up a taillight and see if that solves my bulb blowing issue. If not I'll get a new regulator. Thanks.

    Where did you mount your battery?

  • I actually used a large capacitor and mounted back behind the air box.