• How are people dealing with rain when you re riding Because since i have such...

    How are people dealing with rain when you're riding? Because since i have such a short license plate holder, everytime it rains i get shit, mud and alot of water tossed everywhere on my jacket and my seat.

    • Make hell of a different... No more wet back ...

    • Mines never seen rain

    • Not well !

    • Lol Dan Dan Markinson.

      So how is the michelins?

    • Hhh i can tell you they stick to the road..

      Its hell of a different from shit rubber

    • Ohh blast!!!

      Mine will come soon!!

      Gsxrrrrr 1000.


      Love those gixers

    • For now got my new beast 2 days ago

    • I taxed my gixer today........... £81

    • But does this splash guard help much?