How can you tell the difference between a mk 1 and 2

How can you tell the difference between a mk 1 and 2

  • Here's mine I had a blue model before someone recently on this cbf forum has purchased it. It was the naked model no luggage

  • The difference is about £2000 in a dealers..

  • Honda branded luggage, the panniers are closer fitting to the bike, my Givi V35s stick out further!

  • I got nothing to go in them , I take them off just leave the rear box on

  • Handy for foreign trips, inner bags are handy for clothing & the top case for helmet etc

  • Exhausts :)

  • Mines a 2011 with single exhaust,different headlights too

  • The obvious check is the exhausts, but there are many other differences. From memory:

    1. Instruments have a digital speedo and more functions (fuel consumption, amount used etc.)

    2. Screen is adjustable without undoing screws and is more than up or down like the MK1

    3. Alloy frame

    4. Better suspension

    5. Different shaped headlights (although still only 1 side comes on for dip and the other for main)

    6. Slightly different seats (they are not interchangeable with the Mk 1)

    7. Black engine

    8. Engine is from a later Fireblade

    9. Cured the issue with the stators

    10. Slightly more HP

    11. Better fuel consumption

    12. Only one exhaust

    13. Rear indicators on stalks, not integrated into tail light

    14. Tail light is LED (I think)

    15. Different shaped front fairing with slightly more protection.

    16. Larger tank (20l instead of 19).

  • 14. Correct