How do I get the foot hangers off the Grom easily tools etc needed they re...

How do I get the foot hangers off the Grom easily? (tools etc needed), they’re going in to get powder coated but i’ve never had to take them off before… what do I need...

  • Axel stand idea works

    But not sure wat you are hopinf to achieve with the rear paddock stand that holds swing up up when ur taking out the bolt that holds swing arm on lol

  • lol true, i’ll try and find my axle stands and get them on my frame sliders… i’ve never had to take that bolt out before and not 100% with bikes overall so not sure which parts will fall and so on.

  • Watch that video. A car axle stand under the engine works.

  • Tie wrap front brake lever hard on and lean it against a wall with a cover over it is the easiest cheapest option

  • Push the swing arm bolt out with a big screwdriver and that will keep it all lined up

  • thats true, if I can find something like a pole even to bang in to replace the bolt, I dont have a screwdriver long enough but i’ll try and find something.

  • What are the other bits I need to take off, I haven’t actually checked fully behind the hangers, I know its the shifter etc on one side, and is it the rear caliper on the other side?

  • Again watch that video fella will b very helpfull for u

  • Got it, wasn’t showing up just now for some reason, getting a friend over tomorrow too so hopefully we can get them off and powder coated and get them back on easily!

  • By the way, would powder coating them be more wearable than spray paint? as i’ve tried plasti-dip and spraypaint before but a certain part keeps wearing down back to the grey (where your foot rubs against them), so i’m hoping powder coating won’t cause this...

  • It lasts long never but will eventually rub off.

  • Someone I asked lastnight did theres last year and said he’s not had issues with his yet, so just hoping mine lasts that long too, basically just want it for over the Summer this year as hoping to get a different bike next year.

  • Yeah it'll last a few years but will eventually rub through

  • That’s ok then :-D thanks a lot.

  • Powder coat over spray paint 100% stays on ages

  • R&g make hanger covers but you can stick your own on by using skateboard deck tape and make some templates, cut tape to fit where ya want protection etc and bobs ya uncle, cheap fix.

  • Where can I find these R&G ones?

  • Mine is starting to wear at almost a year ( 4500 miles)