How do I remove the bearings out of the swingarm


How do I remove the bearings out of the swingarm?

03 Honda rancher

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  • I can take it to my school to weld on it. What do I do with it?

  • Re read my first comment...

  • Okay simple enough. The weld won't go through it will itV

  • It can, but done proper it won't. All your doing with a weld is shrinking the race and heating the housing.

  • Weld only where the balls of the bearing would ride on and if you can weld at all there will be no problems. The race will fall out after that. If your not that good at welding then cut it to split the race (same thing, making it smaller) and pull it out that way.

  • Can I heat it with torch and somehow beat it out?

  • My dad owns a dremel, I can get to s welding machine. I just seriously do not wanna screw this up.

  • A propane torch will never heat it fast enough. I'm not sure what you have but I'm guessing it's that (or MAP gas). If your not sure on welding then grind a groove in the race until you can break it.

  • A torch is the worst way to try. Extreme heat that is not controlled will warp the housing and then you will hate life. Lol where are you located?

  • Commerce tx