How do we check the coolant level on the 1100. And what coolant use


How do we check the coolant level on the 1100? And what coolant use?

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  • Here is the oil and antifreeze that I use

  • Perfect! Thanks

  • You can find oil filter, motor oil, sparkplugs, and antifreeze at NAPA, I always get my stuff there

  • Also Air filter

  • Take a small flashlight and stick it in the opening and you should see the level perfectly.

  • They sell that oil at advance auto as well. If yours has a moto section.

  • You should never have to fill the radiator. But if you do, run the bike with the rad cap off until it's up to temperature. You'll likely have to add more. It's called burping the system.

  • The system pulls necessary fluid from the overflow tank. Of course if you service your system by changing a hose or something you should double check. If you had run the bike after doing the hose as I stated, it would have pulled coolant from the overflow tank. The correct way to top off the system is through the overflow tank. If you need to FILL the system, start with the rad.

  • It's just like an automobile's cooling system. I do all my own mechanical work. The car is at 217k miles and counting. The aero is at 60k miles as of tonight going home from work. :)