How do you by pass the neutral switch on a 2007 Honda 420

How do you by pass the neutral switch on a 2007 Honda 420?

  • Why??? They already start in gear.

  • If it worked I would

  • It's out and won't let it start in N

  • Your gear position switch (change switch) isn't showing what gear it's in or showing the wrong gear? FM or FE model?

  • It's a FM

  • It's in N but has no N light

  • You need to find the light green with a red stripe wire coming from the gear position switch and ground it. I think it's a gray connector on the frame in front of the right rear wheel. That should give you a neutral light and let you start it. If you plan on cutting the wire (I would just use a needle or strip some coating back for now) do it on the switch (motor) side so you don't ruin your wiring harness.

  • Thank you

  • If you hold both brake levers it will let it start even if it's in gear.

  • Just the front brake lever needs to be pulled for that. I'm guessing that the gear position switch has moisture in it shorting it out (possibly just the connector) and it isn't showing any gear to the ICM. If the machine doesn't see any gear it won't start either way. Kind of like being stuck between a gear and trying to start it. It doesn't work..