How does one go about fixing this

How does one go about fixing this.........

Exhaust side :/

  • Weld a nut over the stud then unscrew it iv done it that many times the best and easiest way to get studs out

  • The heat from the Weld will be enough to get it free

  • I agree with Paul Andy put a nut over it and weld it on and screw it out, I've done it heaps of times

  • Grind opposite sides use a large shifter this works add pipe to end of shifter to give more leverage

  • As Darren Smith said as if you heat stud red hot then it will just conform to shape of vise grips & get squashed

  • Well i guess all those years I've been doing it I've just imagined that i replaced the broken studs. More than one way to skin a cat.

  • Oh my.......

  • Sorry mate i did not intend anything i meant to tag darren smith to many darrens but you right with what you said did not intend to offend

  • Visegrip and heat,if that don't work weld nuts to the studs and heat it up and loosen

  • Yep put bigger nuts over the stud weld the fuckers and unscrew them works every time

  • If you were in Adelaide I would say bring it to my w-shop and I would do it for ya

  • Have you tried yelling at it.

  • Small gas torch, heat stud, spray with WD40 or the like when hot. The sudden cooling will suck the WD40 up the threads. Small pipe wrench like tool better than vice grip as they tighten the more pressure is applied

  • I've threatened it many times with its eBay number