How durable are the 2015 CRF250X in stock form Can they handle the abuse of a...


How durable are the 2015 CRF250X in stock form. Can they handle the abuse of a enduro. I know suspension is a little soft for me (190lbs). Thanks everyone!

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  • Probably the same as my 2007. I've owned it since 2011 and haven't had to touch my valves. I've had the forks rebuilt. Just stay off the rev limiter, keep your filter clean and change your oil and trans fluid often.

  • Yep, it ain't a mx bike. Will last a long time if taken care of.

  • I have one they need better radiator guards if your bike is lacking them

  • They really should come with a skid plate also but they don't. In Stock form your frame will take a beating

  • Definitely, put an Enduro engineering skid plate on mine with some cheap works radiator braces.

  • I had my 2004 all I do I change oil and filter every ride or every 2 rides and wevery racr and we'll it hasn't failed and adjusts the Valves every 50hrs but pretty sure the 2015 will last you a while just fix your suspension and exhaust and your good to go

  • I have big plans for mine still, new exhaust system, airbox mods and carb mods. Emissions block off as well

  • Honda needs to update the bikes lol

  • Nah they got to make the x model better they focus and gay ass supercross

  • That's what I am saying, Honda needs to update the X series bikes. They are very popular yet they act like they don't care about them. It's 2017 and they are still building carbs on the things

  • Neil Wilkes nah for desert racers we kinda don't like fuel injectoion