How far would you feel safe on your reserve


How far would you feel safe on your reserve?

Myself get about 215-225km until I get that chug then switch over to reserve.

Have gone 50kms on reserve

2006 shadow areo 750

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  • At about 10 Miles on reserve my butt starts to pucker... my VT1100c3 is heavy and pushing it sucks.

  • lol Todd, well Robert i am not into testing to see how far i get on reserve as Todd says lol, rather right away ride to gas station, and dont make it a habit of running out ~ as i am not into pushing my bike either to one lmao, my car was almost out today imagine having to push that lol no thanks either ~

  • Never had to switch to reserve, know how to do it, but don't want to use it. 150 miles on tank and my ass is antsy.

  • 200km ... than reserve (RC50 `04)

  • my 750 spirit goes about 225-230km on reg then about 50-55 on reserve... coasted into the pumps on fumes at that point

  • on the 06 Aero that we had, I was ranging between 135 to 155 miles until reserve, depending on the temp, and other riding conditions. I have been up to 50 miles on reserve. Never ran out, but as they said before me.....pushing sux, so I never "pushed" my luck anymore than that. ;) Hope that answers your question.