• How had is it to replace the igniton barrel thingy on the msx Should I do it...

    How had is it to replace the igniton barrel thingy on the msx? Should I do it myslf or take it to a garage? It's the only thing that got damaged in the theft. Speaking of anyone got any mechanics in the Middlesex area they recommend.

    • Shouldn't be that hard. I done one on a scooter once the hardest thing was twisting it whilst pushing in a tab to slide the barrel out, I've not looked at the msx so I don't know for deffo but I'd imagine you would start by removing the headlight assembly to get at the underside of the barrel :)

    • i need to replace mine fairly easy theres a small cage what holds it under the top yoke

    • Get down the M3 and speak to Karl Waldron

    • Still on L's for the next couple of months, it's a bit far but I'll make a note of it. Cheers!

    • Cool, I'm not sure of the extent of the damage of the ignition anyway since MCE are annoyingly vague, I'll take a look once they send it back day after tomorrow hopefully. Thanks.

    • someones bodged a random ignition on mine lol

    • A30 will get you to me if needed jaiveer

    • It's a cbr125 ignition, told that Robert twat it wouldn't work well

    • omg