How hard is it to replace a swing arm for an alloy one I assume you need some...

How hard is it to replace a swing arm (for an alloy one) I assume you need some kind of hanger on hold the bike up? As paddock stand would be useless lol

  • I took the exhaust off and used a concrete block and plank of wood under the sump. Bit wobbly, could have done with a mate to keep it steady. If you can hang it securely that's probably better.

  • Could lie it on its side surly?

  • Could work, might be easier to take the chain off first to get it out the way and lay it brake side up? I'd be worried about scratching it on the bottom side but at least it won't have as far to fall as far as it could off a concrete block.

  • Rachet strap the tail over a solid beam in the garage or something and then the tail is in the air pop the wheel off and disconnect the clip on the chain and the bottom shock mount and the swingarm will come off

  • Thanks guys. Food for thought. I assume you crack all the nuts open whilst bike is on side stand. Saves trying to wrestle with the bike whilst it's up in the air

  • Bit dodgy since it's the swing arm bolt which holds the footpegs secure.

  • I just put mine on its side stand and lent it against my garage wall with a towel over the handle bar when I changed mine

  • Yeh, different on msx. Wouldn't recommend that way

  • Axel stand under the header pipe.

    And before anyone says anything that's what every mechanic does here. Had it done to mine a number of times and the exhaust is still sound.

    But up to you