How is your xr150 max speed


How is your xr150' max speed?

Mine is 90km/h. I cant get it faster

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  • Xr 150 ko ts 110kph palit ako 16t sprocket pang xr125 courtesy of Telly Buhay

  • Leocel Sabido Yarra ilang taon na sayo ung xr muh?

  • I am vietnamese. I cant understand philino

  • you should travel long distances in order to break in or extend your machine's speed and capabilities. You must travel 3-5 municipalities or cities with your top sPEed so it will excel. remember you should exceed ur limitations

  • My xr is 1yr 5mos old with only 32450km odo reading. So thats it. Our bike's life expectancy depends on the nature of using it. Its different from traveling 100 miles/day than 100mile/km per month or year:-) so the wearing of locomotive parts inside our bike's engine differs also:-) and also the speed of the rider when he/she is riding his/her bike:-), gearing position is it proper or improper. Care and maintenance:-)

  • Last week i traveled 1200km/ 4 days :))

  • I absolutely agree but i can't deny the fact about our bike's quality. Though they have this called "specification" on the work place but still made in china is totaly different fom made in japan. Kung ang honda siguro made in japan tanan motorcycle nga ilang gipagawas, probably its d best quality indeed so with its PRICE:-) mao top sa market ang honda because of its low cost aftermarket and flooded by affordable spare parts MALIBAN NA LANG SA XR125/150 nato:-)hihi

  • Wow! Sir Quang Anh you really challenge your xr125 there. You love mountain trails huh:-)

  • I guess you do hiking in there and left your bike at the bottom:-) its kinda breathtaking ride;-)

  • 110, but I could've pushed it more.

  • I love offroad :)) by the way. My xr is 150 :)))

  • Always Ride safely Mr Quang Anh:-)

  • Saang lugar yan sir?

  • Mr Quang Anh can't understand tagalog sir Ron Cahucom Odtohan

  • I sorry sir;hehehe

  • Hehee. Dont call me sir or mr. Call me Quang. :3

  • Oh see xr 125/150 community philippines reaches vietnam already:-)

  • We are the one. But not much people in vietnam use xr125/150. ^^

  • Mga bro... Ask ku lng cnyo kung magada bng pang long distance ung xr 125 ..ung fuel consumption ilang ung ration...plan ku kase ito ung bike na bibilhin ki eh...

  • Xr125 ko 110kph pwede pa umabot ng 120kph kaso bitin na sa daan.kelangan mahabang kalsada

  • I see..what manufacturing country is your bike from:-)

  • 40-45km/per liter sir. If you are running 80-100kms

  • Long diatance hard trail tested and proven sir. No doubt. Endurance, toughness, power kya makipagsabayan sa bukid with other dirt bikes

  • Riding comfort bro..gaya dn ba nga 200 xr ung play nga mga suspension?

  • How much ung cash nyan?

  • So far sa market ngayon parang wala ng xr125xr150 nlng ata.dati it ranges 80k-90

  • Yung 125 la na? So yung 150 90k ung price?

  • With in the range pa siguro sir just reefer to the nearest honda dealer sir

  • Try ko po bro...tnx sa tulong...

  • Welcome sir.

  • xr125 ko 115kph

  • China. Ofcouse. :)