How many miles should a standard grom engine do before having to get a new one


How many miles should a standard grom engine do before having to get a new one??

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  • theres a local with over 20k soooo

  • I bet Honda have ran them to the oil change intervals and got something like 80k out of them in testing.

  • Seen people getting 30K+ miles. The way I see it, is when it fails you have the perfect excuse to get the upgraded crank, head and a big bore kit!

  • I have 24K on mine and dindnt have any problem yet.

  • Most of the big end failures happen in the 20,000 mile range, so I'd start preparing yourself.

  • I have a 164cc here prepared to put

  • If you ride it like a normal person and give it proper will last more than you will ever drive....but if you like a screaming engine on every corner...guess what it will do

  • Mine went at 30k

  • Is there anyone in UK that sells any type off upgraded/stronger cranks?

  • You got 30,000 miles on your MSX/Grom?

    Never seen you comment before. You've kept that quiet.

  • Yeah now he's died getting rebuilt and going next year

  • I got my FinBro crank with stronger conrod from Ben Harman at Takegawa UK.

  • Thats why I would keep it standard because its a fun little bike as it is the lack of power and its size are what I like if i want power I get on my MT09 which is like a giant MSX/GROM but with 120bhp .

  • What are you having to replace on yours?

  • Thank you Steve, i have to talk whith him then

  • Patrick Benson has 10k on his lol

  • 12,769 miles to be exact. I'd venture to say at least 10,000 of that has been at or above 8k without any issues or noises. Now I'm wondering if anyone in Colorado is beating me.

  • Steve Mitchell is it for the stock 125?

  • Kitaco have a forged rod and crank set that will fit any non-stroker engine, however it won't fit stock bore engines, you need a BBK with at least a 60mm bore (164cc) else the piston will clash with the rod.

  • Curt Case, the FinBro crank is designed for a BBK.

    You can use it on the stock bore, but you'll have to modify the bottom of the barrel to clear the bigger conrod.

  • I just want a straight up replacement