How much do brand new Groms cost in the UK People seem to be looking for crazy...

How much do brand new Groms cost in the UK? People seem to be looking for crazy money for their used Grom. Like almost the price of what they are new!(I assume)

  • I paid 3500 with my r77s exhaust

  • Just bought one used with 45 miles for £2,595

  • Be ABS or linked brake versions soon and new colours.

  • Linked brake?

  • Poor mans abs

  • ABS?

  • Anti lock brakes

  • New colours?

  • Yup but dunno what yet

  • I'm joking about ABS bud lol but never heard if link brakes.

  • Be interesting to see the new colours. Is it a new model? When's it coming out?

  • Same bike they always spruce the bikes up once in a while with new colours, graphics, wheel colours etc, wont look any different to yours but all new bikes have to be sold with abs or linked brakes this year onwards, they can still sell last years stock ok which no doubt they will be a few quid knocked off or it may go up again as abs brakes normally add a couple of hundred plus to the bike costs, hopefully kawasaki bring the z125 out for some competition to be competitive and stop honda taking the piss bumping up the cost a 100 quid a year plus since they came out in 2013

  • Just greed, they want to charge me 120 quid for the 1st service!

  • I paid 104, others paid 80 odd, cunts charge what they like at newcastle

  • Got my 2nd due in 500 miles i will probably do it myself as bikes going to be in bits soon anyway for paint and fork oil changed

  • I'm changing the oil myself and cleaning out the spinner and screen. Bought the tools, oil and will follow the Youtube video.

  • I payed 2400

  • I got two brand new ones. One was 2400 and the other 2500

  • £2899 new SF in September.

  • Paid £2100

    Problem is people buy some shitty cheap Chinese parts then think they have added value so the price of the bike must go up

  • I paid £2699 on September 1st ✌

  • 2700 few month back from northwest honda

  • Few month later