• How much do the ex aus post ct110s normally go for at the pickles auctions

    How much do the ex aus post ct110s normally go for at the pickles auctions?

    • id rather an auction bike , rather than a third hand one off some bike shop who just move them on

    • I've got a CT 90 project bike with c90 engine plus original engine for sale. 1978 model

    • When i went to the auctions. Each bike was graded A B or C. Written under the seat. A bikes generally went over 1000. No reg or roady obviously. That was awhile ago.

    • Whats a c90 engine

    • basically the same. c90 had different frame style. twin seat leading link front end etc. original engine has high/low range

    • I value my postie highly > makes no never mind how THE postie came into your possession < its what She means to you that counts

    • what would a 58 Honda cub 50 be worth you reckon.

    • In Sydney last month they went between $1300 and $1600 the hammer plus the auction fees ( approx $200 plus) I was told by a good source

    • A fair bit in decent condition

    • When I went between $1000 and $1200.

      1 that needed repair still went for $900 fault unknown,crazy

    • Plus fees, like previous guy said

    • bought mine 4 weeks ago (pickles online auction)..2011 model 26.324km for $1000 plus $150 fee's...

    • I've got 2

    • Nice

    • Thats true graham, so realistically if u got a $1300 postie, plus fees, plus travel, plus rego and green/blue slip it's more like about $1700 without any parts and you will need mirrors