How much does a front sprocket cover sell for


How much does a front sprocket cover sell for?

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  • Okay sounds good then

  • I mean I dont want to sound like a asshole im just trying to explain/show people that is one thing honda should of redid especially since a 350x thats alot of torque for a small piece of metal.

  • No it's good. I'm just at a loss where to find everything besides oem or nos or "vintage". Didn't even know they made aftermarket ones :/ I'm new to the sport trike I'm used to utility ones haha

  • well ive been searching for a aftermarket one for awhile and aint been able to find one but ive heard from alot of people on here that some guy on 3 wheeler world makes them and I got to get his name and try to get ahold of him.

  • His name is Dave Colman or on 3ww he is tapper190

  • I is here, lol, need a case saver? mine is like the oem

  • If you are worried about throwing a chain, change it more often. I run the same style chain on my xr600 (coverted into a three wheeler), it has double the torque of a 350x, I haven't broke a chain yet. Now that I said that, I will throw a chain on the next ride, lol

  • Na Dave it ain't so no throwing chaui

  • Chains off

  • But I do rock your case savers! Just in case.