• How to check if you have a bad battery

    How to check if you have a bad battery..

    • Good luck finding a 16aa gel cell. I've found none due to the shape


    • Just bought mine actually a hour ago... and made in America so it's like a friggin Unicorn

    • No sh!t?

    • Well sumbich. .. I be order in one

    • but I picked mine up on Ebay so I can get some ebucks back.. basically same price

    • I switched to a conventional shaped battery a year ago that works just fine. Had to lower the box about a 1/4" and remove the rubber pads.

    • That's cheaper than the conventional square one I bought that died in 2 months last year. :/

    • I like the idea of a little more juice for cranking amps this battery has. Especially when it's cold out. The specs look good so I'm looking forward to testing this out. I haven't really found an acid battery that was worth anything a year on