• Hows your vee chicken strips looking. Its bugging me that i cant get lower lol

    Hows your vee chicken strips looking? Its bugging me that i cant get lower lol

    • If it's not a little sketchy, it's not exciting enough. I'm gonna run the vees until they're gone or I get a flat.

    • Don't throw it down the road trying it's not worth it

    • Yup almost 8k on mine but i have my new tires just using these till there gone

    • I've done 5000 on.mine and they still look like new

    • Metzelers seem to do the trick

    • Almost there....

    • That last part on the V's are not easy. I never made it all the way even scraping pegs.

    • The pilot pure makes a peg feel like an easy checkmark

    • What's a chicken strip on anything other than Vee rubbers?

    • Honestly, I believe I could take strip off Vee rubbers now I have a fork that doesn't bottom out like it did in Tennessee. I wanted to go so much faster but a couple things stopped me.

    • Vee rubbers are harder to take chicken strips off with the steep runoff unlike a real tire.

    • My pegs have scrapes on them with the vees. These last 100+ degree days make them feel pretty good

    • I don't care about the chicken strip on my MSX, i am limited on how far i can go by my rearsets, its not like any of my other bikes have chicken strips.

    • These supermoto pegs help. They lift the peg a little and are shorter. Slight modification needed to fit.