I am looking for a can or system for my Grom i don t want obnoxiously loud...

I am looking for a can or system for my Grom... i don't want obnoxiously loud, been looking at the tyga stainless with baffle, any one got any experiences? does it make much difference removing the cat?

  • Just bought and fitted this slip on, chose this as good price and easy to fit, definite improvement. Not too loud and currently have the baffle in. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162 134225402

  • I've got one fitted as well. It's well made and sounds good without the baffle in.

  • I've got the tyga without the baffle it's loud but wouldn't say obnoxiously loud tho

  • To be honest anything you do apart from putting on a Big bore kit is going to have a negligible difference to the power. According to their site a full Tyga gives around .84hp extra (10%). Just the slip on increases power by .59hp. http://www.tygaeurope.com/medi a/catalog/product/cache/3/imag e/1800x/040ec09b1e35df13943388 7a97daa66f/m/s/msx-10132c.jpg

  • Yeah power not really a concern... got an R1 for that... just fancied something to sweeten the looks and sound..

  • £120 v's £285 Leo Vince everytime then!

  • Tyga all day!