I am lucky enough to be able to ride the k1 to work everyday It is not too far...


I am lucky enough to be able to ride the k1 to work everyday. It is not too far, Leichhardt to the CBD, which probably does the bike more harm then good but it has not missed a beat. Today I clocked up 17000 miles with 5000'm being put on in the last 15months. The bike always gets a lot of looks and approving nods but today while stopped at the lights turning left onto Sussex Street a city bus was turning left on to Erskine Road. The bus driver was feverishly beeping his horn and while I was on the right hand side of my lane he still had plenty of space to effect the turn. I looked towards the driver scowling under my helmet only to see a big shit eating grin on the drivers face while he turned the corner with one hand, the other giving a thumbs up. Always good to see someone appreciate the bike. I did tell my missus, who was on the back, that he was giving her the thumbs up, what she doesn't know won't hurt her.

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  • A photo of my mates K1's and that's mine in the background, taken on our recent ride to Inverell Restorers Rally, they never missed a beat on the 1100 km round trip.

  • It's been over 40 years since the last time I rode a CB. I'm hoping to have the bike I'm restoring back on the road within the next couple of months and it's going to be very interesting to ride one again after all these years. Can't wait!

  • Brownie points are trumps

  • Great pic

  • ^^^^pensioners HARLEY^^^^^

  • If I wanted to ride a tractor, I would ride a Harley Davidson, but I chose the CB750/4 because like me we are both pensioners Mr Naylor!

  • Its a gorgeous bike and loud as...

  • I am open to riding some farm machinery from time to time. This gets The long hauls and stump pulling. I don't recommend a trip to Forbes in Jun though not the best on an icy road.

  • Spent a lot of time working on and riding Harleys but I just prefer my Honda

  • Rides a honda pushes a victa..

  • Drives a Valiant

  • Thats one weird mix...

  • And that surprises you!