• I am really angry now

    I am really angry now..!!

    Every time I change or replace something an error slaps me in the face..!!

    Do you guys think I need to replace the rubbers?

    And other solutions?


    • like Carl said, rigid mount them. nothing more nerve racking when out on a ride, and your bars are moving when you need then the most.

    • but yes your inserts are shot

    • I actually was imagining that idea of what if I'll place washers top and below..

      Thank you guys for lighting me up.. :)

    • I think the reason why the rubbers got soft is because of the other risers I had which were direct compressing them.

    • Insert a big washer

    • Dirar not sure where you are but if you go to a hardware supplier you can get the washers you need no more than 4 pieces. I use bolt depot here in the US for all generic hardware.

    • All 3/4 id wahsers fit. Depends how much od you want and how thick you need.

    • Might need to make sure od is not too big that the washer interferes with the idiot lights.

    • That's great bro thank you for all the info..

      But I have a question..

      The washers should be with or without the existing rubber?

    • With leave it in place. I measured the outside diameter of the sleeve in the rubber and bought the appropriate washer. I suggest doing the same but i believe all riser bushings for honda are the same.