I am starting to despise my 84 VT700 On a recent ride it would barely run...


I am starting to despise my 84 VT700. On a recent ride it would barely run & backfired badly stranding me. So I flushed the gas, changed the plugs, air filter, fuel filter, ran sea foam through it, new battery & did a oil change. With a lil starting fluid she fired up & ran flawlessly. I was having fun for a couple weeks until it stranded me last night doing the exact same thing except it wouldn't even stay running with the starting fluid I had in the saddle bag. I was tempted to just push it in the ditch & leave it but my son realized how disgusted I was & brought it home to me. Even if I fix it I am going to sell it because It has made me walk home twice in a month & I cant stand to look at it anymore

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  • replce idle jets

  • Yeah I heard they are too small from the factory. Are the carbs as hard to get to as they look? I can get right to the carb on my Yamaha SR but I can barely see the carb on that shadont.

  • take your time, you can remove carbs set, and jsut replce jets, one for each carb, you can go up one size, remember its an idle jet not a main jet, very small, JET, SLOW (#40)

    99103-MAL-0400 see this http://www.cheapcycleparts.com/oemparts/a/hon/5053 ffabf870021c54bead84/carburetor-components

  • My fuel pump died on my 98 causing the same thing. It happened once and it decided to run again about an hour later then it died for good the next day.

  • where is the fuel pump at ? though all are gravity feed, and not fuel injected, accerator pump is on some,

  • I didnt know that had fuel pumps?

  • do what you will, buy coils, and tension leads, an d big expense or change slow jet s for 12.00 if your spraying starting fluid in and it didn twork,that possably ignition, you need three things to run, fuel air spark

  • Frank Yeates thats RIGHT

  • His is 14 years newer than mine though? What makes me mad is I knew this bike before I bought it. It is cherry & had no issues. Its just my luck that I get it & its garbage

  • I cant even find a new ignition. I would sell it before I spent $100+ on a used ebay ignition that has no guarantee of being any better than what I have. I could test it though before I rip 1/2 the bike apart to get to the hidden carbs I guess

  • Theres a fuel pump on your bike, a service manual would help u alot. But mr I'm a mechanic should know that but guess he doesn't know that much.

  • You are correct sir. I just looked at my chiltons. Its what the fuel line goes in right after the fuel filter.

  • Frank Yeates the carbs are easy, the tank comes off easy, and you just be carful on cables, an dsometimes when lossing the clamp in the intake and exit of carbs, you can slip them out, should rtake 45 minutes, be sure an use a good #2 phillips screw drivers an d#10 wrench, do not un bolt the rubber manifold from the head, and when re installing a little wd40 or spray oil slips it it easy, even they may be a utube video, I hear there ar emany of those, when removing the bottom of carb , see diagram, the slow jet is the one in center, and a good cabnit 1/4 screw driver will remove it, be sure to engage both tangs on pilot jet ,

  • David Homan interesting, yet, why doesnt it start, an when start it stays running, electric pump i supplying fuel to main , they are also subject to age, as well, Thank MR DAVID HOMAN

  • I would like to know the jet sizes & a good place to buy them? My manual doesn't really cover the jets

  • There is a good wright up on how to bench test them. The pump on mine sits in this area. It's round and black about the size of one of those small cans of coke. FYI the forums say the bike won't run on gravity. The last 2 months I have been running mine on gravity and it's doing fine. I didn't want to spend like 149 or something crazy on a small fuel pump

  • New fuel pumps are insanely cheap on eBay too I just checked. It would be awesome if I could plug a new one in & be back on the road. I think I still will call the bike the Sha-Don't

  • My pump is where your back exhaust downtube is. I can get a new one on eBay for $15 & free shipping. I would be exited if that was the probkem

  • I've read and watched a lot of reviews that say the eBay ones don't last long at all. That being said I don't have any personal experience with them. Testing the pump is easy but if the pump on the older bike runs the same as mine. They work funny. You have to jump a certain wire because our pumps don't run constantly like a car until a certain psi. The pulse with the ignition.

  • The fuel pump isn't like on a car and primes when the key is on it only pumps fuel when starter is engaged and then once running I'm not sure how it works exactly. I've never had a issue with mine but it does happen. Easy enough to pop a fuel line off at a junction then crank the bike and see if its pumping fuel or not. Maybe a dirty fuel filter? If it has spark when cranking and getting air then has to be fuel. Pilot jets are small and can get plugged but usually from my experience once plugged it stays plugged. And its only for idle and just off idle so bike will run fine at like 1/4 throttle or more with a plugged pilot jet but just not idle. And not likely both are plugged so should still run on one cylinder. Idle like shit but should still idle. Whats your plugs look like?

  • I think im pointing to my fuel pump. Its right out in the open on the right side. It would be easier to change than the buried fuel filter & only $15 to $20 for a brand new one. I might buy one just in case since they are so cheap. I used to pay that much for oem fuel filters before I found a good hook up

  • Be easy to to pull of and check mounted right there

  • But for that price wouldn't hurt any to put a new one on either

  • I bought one. This dude does nothing but makes fuel pumps. He guarantees them & even if I don't use it I have spent more money on a fancy drink at the bar that was mostly fruit juice lol

  • Good deal

  • It looks different though. Mine has the inlet/ outlets in different spots but he guarantees that they work great & that may not be the exact pump I get anyway since he probably makes hundreds of different ones

  • Yep see what it looks like when it shows up

  • My shadow leaves me stranded all the time, just the nature of working out the kinks I suppose. You ride em, you work on em.

  • Thats horrible, I dont mind some maintenance but I would rather buy a different bike than break down once a week

  • I will know by this weekend. Im gonna put a new fuel filter on too since its hard to change & I have a bunch

  • my 84 700 has never left me stranded but it is finnicky, run some seafoam through the carb or, replace coils

  • Mine is a basket case that has been built from the ground up with pieces from lots of bikes and I just got it on the road a month ago so I kinda expect it I almost got it worked out but im a also following post like this in case something helpful come up

  • Frank Yeates Remove tank, remove air tunnel, done you can access the carbs

  • My 1100 was running badly once. Sputtering, backfiring, seemed to die a few times and restarted. Rode it to the shop. They said it needed jets/had the wrong jets. I couldn't understand that as I had it for some time and it ran well before. So I let them change the jets (or so they claimed). Came to pick up the bike and was told they had to jump start it 'cause the battery was dead. Rode off and less than 2 miles down the road same problem with poor running. This time it died before I could make it back to the shop. They sent a truck. Put a new battery and it was back to being it's old self again.

  • I already put a brand new battery in and I have a Delran Battery Tender that keeps it at a full charge. My hunch is that its a fuel delivery issue like a clog somewhere but im no mechanic

  • And compression, that's the other thing you need.