• I BOUGHT A PURSE. Well not exactly

    I BOUGHT A PURSE!! Well, not exactly...

    Found a new way to roll! Man Bag style! Messenger bag to be precise.

    • Always. Especially when I have Alaska as a nephew! :)

    • Lmao

    • :)

      That's my nephew Justin Honard. The next Rupaul!

    • Wow. Beautiful.

    • Liking this to slip under my fender rack

    • I like that too! But watch out, first its a purse/man-bag, and next it's gonna be the color coral, somewhere on your bike :-)

    • Never coral! :)

    • I'm digging THIS distressed leather from Osprey - he can make you whatever you want :-)

      http://www.saddlebags.net/e21. html

    • Nice! Maybe I'll run those bags by him.

    • Chris Lawrence, he's a good guy to work with and has a lifetime warranty on his work.