I bought the new mega monster yesterday While drinking I thought I give this a...


I bought the new mega monster yesterday. While drinking I thought I give this a go for shits and kicks.

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  • 3 times this year lol whoaaaa i clean mine about 3 times a day haha

  • Crap British weather and not having a garage for shelter doesn't help.

  • Just had mine over a year Iv probably had cleaned it 5times by valeters

  • Yea understood my babe always has to be clean lol

  • Very nice I'm gonna be dropping mine soon. I take it thats the composimo on back end. Is the clearance without stretching?

  • I did the front fork drop with 2in drop springs and yes its the composimo 4.5 drop in rear and honestly i put the lowering on before the stretch so idk doesnt look like it would tho

  • Im in the same boat fella

    N think iv only done mine twice lol

  • So come on then, how much that swing arm det you back?

  • Lol not alot only about 480 all together

  • Yeah thats alright

    What about the gear to lower front and rear?

  • Rear lowering was around i think 180 with Shipping and front was around like 160

  • Happy days

    Iv gt my play 1 but want 2 get another 1 as a low ride cruiser :)

  • Yep im gonna custom this one up and cruze it

  • Just clean it. The ride is more crisp when its clean.

  • Niceeee looks good