I changed from a NT650VA. 2000. Deauville last month


I changed from a NT650VA (2000) Deauville last month.

Hope this one (04/2009) will follow me as well for more than 10 years

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  • Should do. My six year old biffer still has plenty more miles left in it.

  • You won't be disappointed good choice!

  • I made the same change 14mths ago, the deauville was transport but the cbf never fails to make me smile... Oh and the black ones are the sharpest handling and quickest of all the cbf's :-)

  • well i think my goldie is the best lol

  • I also changed from a 650 Deauville and am very happy with my new Biffa

  • Be sure he will

  • I tried a Deauville then changed my mind and bought panniers for my cbf1000 instead. Good choice you won't be disappointed.

  • Nice bike, black is the best colour imo

  • Yep it's black for me!!

  • Lovely looking bike. I wanted the black one.