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  • Definitely the bike Karl.. As said above there was a pool of 20 riders ...obviously more than one rider per bike being 24 hour for a week (unless they had Keith Richards?) ;) .. the surname White would have a capital W (the article refers to "the white bike"), and if more's needed here's a crop of the above pic. :)

  • I'm guessing at least two, or all three 50s might have been the same colour hence the code names so the riders could remember what they were on.. Just a guess. ... I'd love to track down one of the riders and have a chat to find out more! :)

  • Just to enlarge on the subsequent exploits of these bikes a bit... 778EXO, the C102 above was used a few months later (May '63) in a publicised economy run (it had been the most economical of the three on the Maudes trophy at 140mpg, so was a logical choice) where two well-known (and suitably light!) riders rode 200-odd miles from London to the Blackpool motorbike show and made sure the national motorcycle press were there to greet them.

  • ,,,and 775EXO, the C110, was used in this magazine road test just after the endurance test,

  • Main part of the article.. I've put all three numbers in the UK vehicle database and it seems none survive (or at least haven't been on the road since the late '70s when our system went computerised)

  • Probably took them back to Japan. Maybe in the Honda museum.

  • I wonder. They weren't sent from Japan or specially prepared.. just plucked from freshly registered UK showroom stock.. But maybe Honda came over and claimed them when they heard about it! :) More likely they just became abused secondhand Hondas and died a natural death.. I don't think anyone was particularly interested in the history they were making at the time.

  • Maybe so. I'll be at the museum before long so I'll let cha know. :)

  • Looking forward to museum pics if you get any BigfootMillion. :)

  • Yeah for sure. I'll be in Japan this fall. Hoping to get out to Kanazawa to the museum if time allows.