• I committed to buying this 65 next week. I am a little confused on the color

    I committed to buying this 65 next week. I am a little confused on the color. I thought this red was only 86? I have an 85 and it's the dark maroon and I've never seen an 85 in red. He says the title says 85 however. He said the paint is original (he believes anyway) Thoughts?

    • Ryan.I hope you get it,hope the price is good,I got mine at a very cool price.

    • Seller states excellent condition and it has 21,000 miles on it. I think I can get it for 2100-2300. What does everyone think of a price in that area? He already came down to 2300 on the phone, but I think cash will talk this time of year.

    • Don't be daft, what doe's it matter the color of the young lady - if she looks great ask her to dance !!

    • Self cancelling turn signals were on 85 Sabres and 86 Magna's right?

    • 2300 is a steal

    • and 83 magnas

    • Look on the frame neck at the VIN tag. Colors can be changed but the year and numbers better match or you'll have some work to do to get it licensed. Nice looking bike by the way. I'd say you're getting it at a very fair price. Do all the usual checks before any money changes hands, 2nd gear, engine sounds, electrical...blah, blah, blah.

    • The prick sold it. I told him I would come get it on the day we agreed on. "He needed to get it ready". I call and tell him I'm coming the next day and he says "it's sold".

    • da fucker

    • I didn't think fast enough to tell him I would have gone as high at 5k for it....lol (kidding of course)