I currently have a 750 Spirit Found a deal on a 1100 ACE Anybody have any...

I currently have a 750 Spirit. Found a deal on a 1100 ACE. Anybody have any opinions on the 1100? Thinkin of keepin my 750 and makin a bobber

  • Kyl, is that why they sound like a JD?

  • I would encourage you to do some research on the 1100 ACE. Its one of the best to ever come from Honda.

  • Travis-yes

  • And thats another.....my Shadow had a nice rumble to it without it being an HD. Alot of folks think because its loud, it must be an HD! Most HDs come out the factory just as quiet as any other bike!

  • Go Bobber! I did mine up and it gets more attention than $25 thousand dollar HD's do all day long.

  • The 1100 Engine is a good one. Is it a single or double pin? Regardless, a big move up from the 750.

  • By the way, all of the 1100s were built in Marysville Ohio, with more American made parts than HD.

  • HahahahahaHonda!

  • Long rides? Is that about comfort? I've ridden many different bikes... And the little bit of discomfort I may experience just reminds me I'm riding a motorcycle. Giddy up!

  • i have a 02 1100 spirit and i will tell you they take getting used to. they are not a in town bike. alot of the time i run second and if im on the highway 65 or under i use fourth gear. i never believed my buddy who has a 04 that it lugged the engine that bad till i owned one. power wise i can keep up with most bikes that are considerably bigger. on ethanol i get in the 45mpg range and took on a 2200 mile trip where ethanol wasnt a option and i pulled consistent 52-54 in fourth gear while my buddy pulled 54-56 in fifth going 62mph or so.