I don t know if I m going mental or this is true After riding over the weekend...


I don't know if I'm going mental or this is true. After riding over the weekend for about 30 miles with the silencer off. (Because loud noises) I have since had it on since Monday and so far it seems to have better acceleration and top speed (64 on the flat) not ducking... Having the silencer off seems to have cleared the exhaust I guess

%d comments
  • I ran no exhaust for about 6000 miles lol

  • When I put my tyga exhaust on with straight through pipes I found I could sit at 65 on a flat sitting up

  • Could this be due to the ecu richening the mixture due to better air flow, if it is it will slowly reset to normal the more miles you do

  • No exhaust at all? :O aha

  • About 6" of header that was it

  • Yeah instantly knew a difference when I could hear again

  • Morgan Jones aha like the mnnthbx?

  • Yeah but shorter. Sound shit tbh

  • Didn't get any attention from the popo? Might keep it off

  • You got 1 now Morgan Jones

  • Err. Not really.

  • Wouldn't be right if you did

  • Placebo effect louder=faster

  • Has anybody done the ecu reset with the paperclips?