I don t know the service records on my bike so I m going to freshen everything...

I don't know the service records on my bike so I'm going to freshen everything up so i have a starting point for a maint record.its got 28000 miles on it. Whats the best filter and oil to use. and what to use in the rear differential?

  • I bought K&N air and oil filter for my vt750 c7 aero, do you have the manual that's a good reference point for oil and the rear diff has the type of gear oil stamped on it

  • I put in a K&N air filter (saves money over time), use mobile one synthetic for the engine and get the gear oil from the dealership. The oil filter I get from Walmart.

  • 204 K&N

  • Usually gear oil is a 90W. Engine oil, I'd use a Dino 20w-40w due to the high revs, and Dino leaks less than synthetic (synthetic is actually too good)....