I don t think I ve ever seen a old ass can am brute poot or popolaris still...


I don't think I've ever seen a old ass can am brute poot or popolaris still running lol

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  • Todd first ride to test it at is mudslide. Somewhere close. Break them axles in

  • that one axel gana be broken in already from taken in and out to swap sides

  • If it ain't a Honda its junk

  • Lol I figured I'd be waiting on gorilla after all this. I'll ride that bitch in 3 wheel drive with a broken cup in the exposed side if I have to.

  • Lol. U called them like I told u?

  • Todd im still waiting on stock gears and also waiting on 69 to be done

  • I forgot about it completely, but I emailed Heather, and I said if y'all have one, I want it. She was out of the office today, but she will check for me tomorrow. I really hope they have one.

    I'm worried I'll go out on the first ride and hate my 35. And then instantly tear my bike back apart.

  • Lol. I can always get u a 69% built lol

  • They better they told me they had the ones I ordered on the shelf, I'll know when I get them in,

  • I find it weird they only had one +6 around. There aren't many bikes running that axle, as their big bracket lift for rincons only use +4s, and the +6s go in bikes like ours.

    Idk, I'll send that bitch to powder while I'm waiting on an axle if I have to.