I drove to work this morning. Went from a 105 to 110 on the main and 35 on idle

I drove to work this morning. Went from a 105 to 110 on the main and 35 on idle. She is running great.

  • I went up to a 2.5 uni with a velocity stack style inlet for it so it stays on well. Ran straight aswell. When I was in Chicago I didn't run one but here in michigan I will need it. Dr pulley clutch and variator 1500 contra Ncy cam prima exhaust it's real throaty advancing Cdi she needs some porting stock carb aswell. I was at 105 before the exhaust and when I switched she really opened up at the top end and I jumped right to the 110 and there I've stayed since though I ran that 110 with out a uni so with the filter she's running a tad richer and having the velocity stack no fuel is lost

  • Like the chrome tube then filter is velocity intake?

  • I think the idea comes from guys with clocked carb with out a filter pretty much running a funnel. You could fashion something up with a piece of PVC to start the end facing away from the carb you kinda just round it over evenly like a subwoofer aero port is where I got the idea in making mine. Though I use mine as a spacer that my filter doesn't clear the frame when it's bolted right to the carb so a couple inches then the unifilter.

  • Oh ok i got ya

  • Having a straight intake should help make things run more effectively as close as you can get to no filter

  • I can't wait till the weather breaks up here

  • It was 42 this morning lol it was cold but it warms up to 70ish

  • Yeah my bike doesn't want to fire up unless it's above 50 though I've always used high octane and this is just plain garage lawn mower snow plowin gas lol. I've been jumping it off the car being that my bat was shot and I'm waiting on the weather to break to buy a new battery. I don't want the cold to hit a battery I just bought for the summer lol

  • Yeah i need a lipo one.

  • 100bucks right there. I know I can get 2 years out of a regular battery no problem with my battery tender though I don't have a chuck I should say but I'm planing on striping the panels and cleaning up the frame to have more of that naked look and am planing a different seat and would like to relocate the gas tank and if I do that probably along with the battery and maybe run 2. Scooters aren't a big thing out here like they were in Chicago I'm trying to change that this summer