I feel a group session coming on


I feel a group session coming on

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  • When we going?

  • So we all turn up on little bikes to then ride even small bikes lol

  • Pretty much lol I'll probably be in a car or I'll rent a van or something... Fuck riding to Swindon on the grom lol

  • I did Nuneaton to calne 5 times haha that's a good 2 and a half hours

  • Haha I'm in Brighton... Takes me 2 hours to get to Ace Cafe in London lol

  • takes me 8 Charlie

  • if its nuneaton i could kip at my aunties in cov

  • Theres a go cart track here in Crawley. Could ask.

  • I'm down for mini moto racing

  • My 8.5hp polini is ready when ever