I get by with a little help from my friends


I get by with a little help from my friends


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  • At least they tried to help...but as we know.. No help needed

  • Kieran Baker

  • When an where the Fuk is this so keen

  • 200km loop peachester,beerwah,glasshouse, bellthorpe.

  • Yeah mate loving the stroker :-)

  • When is it? I'm local to that area

  • Did it a couple of weeks ago with these blokes.Might go again sometime.I got some shorter loops up that way.

  • Unreal pic

  • Got any close up pics of ur tank want to mount mine but not sure we're and how.

  • The bike is pulling those blokes out of the hole!

  • I would be at the top drinking beer getting videos on my phone lol...

  • I dig some up .It uses a bolt on mount at the front and the latest version at the rear it rests on a bar

  • As usual, I might have a secret weapon for the skita :-)

  • Lol me to when I get a few other projects out of the road...