I got a Kitaco type 2 cam and fuel controller for sale


I got a Kitaco type 2 cam and fuel controller for sale,

Kitaco power up kit Honda MSX 125

This power up kit is designed to give a significant power boost over stock, the power of the MSX125 Grom is increased by 25%. Below is the dyno graph. STD vs our full system with carbon silencer, Kitaco type 2 camshaft, i-map (setting #3). Similar results were found with the Moto Maggot and stainess type silencers.


Fitting this Power Up Kit to your Honda MSX125/GROM gives a significant increase in top end performance and over rev. Peak hp is moved from 7,000rpm (std) up to 8,000rpm, with a 1.6hp gain at peak.

Fitting the i-Map Fuel Injection Controller is a necessary modification to avoid the engine running lean and being damaged. Running the KITACO Type 2 camshaft without the i-Map is NOT an option!

The wire harness requires modification and the documents are included with the kit, or can be viewed here:

http://www.kitaco.co.jp/data/product/link/instalin g_manual/kitaco_installing_manual_grom_imap.html

The i-Map is shipped with “setting #3” activated. This is the basic map for this kit, but the map can be modified using the optional i-Map interface cable and software downloadable from the KITACO website:

i-Map Fuel Manager: http://www.kitaco.co.jp/dlservice.html

The fuel controller also raises the rev limiter to around 11,000RPM

I was using this with a Yoshi mural RS9 system


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  • Jargon buster??

  • Moves peak power up the RPM to around 8K and moves your limiter to around 11,000RPM, makes the bike more revvy

  • Any faster?

  • I could hold a 143, 143 had a bit more off the line but up at speed was the same, I was running 14/35 sprocket on mine

  • I was going to some money on my grom to make it faster, but then thought fuck it, i will do my A2 license and get a bandit or something

  • Yeah even with a bike bore kit and extra 3/4bhp is fuck all, lucky to see a few mph increase

  • I just love the grom for its mpg, city racing and wheelies and of course its small fun size aha

  • That's it, it's small and fun, trying to make it go faster is pointless as even with double the power 18/20bhp I think you would be lucky to see an extra 10mph

  • Kitaco neo is doing 90mph on the track at around 19bhp which is more than enough.

  • A true 90mph on 19bhp......tell me more