• I got an 03 rebel 250 I believe I have a carb issue cleaned it today but when...

    I got an 03 rebel 250. I believe I have a carb issue cleaned it today but when riding it will lose power when I try to give it more than just a touch of throttle. I cleaned the carb today and it will idle low. Does anyone know what my issue could be or does anybody have a good cleaned carb I could buy?

    • has your carb been jetted since those mufflers were cut off

    • Not that I'm aware of I can ask the previous owner

    • I'd clean it and get a rejet kit, have someone dial it in for you. it'll run fine then

    • Thanks I cleaned it today but where can I get a kit from?

    • I'm not sure I just got my rebel the other day, search online I've seen them on there cheap

    • Ok thanks for your help

    • I found a brand new dual carb on eBay for a decent price thinking about buying it and swap if the jets and stuff to my single carb and saving the other for backup

    • they make a kit to just direct swap it on. I'd run the dual carb setup

    • I thought about that I just gotta find all the stuff to swap it