• I got my bike running today kinda Carbs are a little gummed up I know the...

    I got my bike running today kinda. Carbs are a little gummed up. I know the smart option is to take them off and have someone go through them. But does anyone know of any fuel additive that will do the job to were I can ride it. I'm sick of waiting.

    • Put seafoam i tank run for 10-15 minutes so it gets into carb let soak a few days then let it run almost to empty then add new fuel and some more seafoam every few tanks for maintenance

    • Seafoam works wonders

    • Awesome thanks i was about to try seafoam I put start your engines in it. It seemed to help. I got new carbs coming for it

    • I put seafoam in a kawasaki 750 i bought that sat for a year and the guy owned it for 25 years never doing any thing to bike except ride it and now it purrs like a kitten

    • Seafoam rich mixture let it run a bit, let sit overnight / weekend start rev it good after it warms up, take that mixture out, fresh gas with normal seafoam mixture for a few tanks

    • SEAFOAM!!

    • Seafoam. The group all in agreement

    • Lucas carb and injector cleaner works well too.

    • Get Marvel Mistery Oil read the label add to the gas use it regularly do not add it to the motorcycle oil

    • i just did it to my bike it works.